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TV Shows That Has The Best Intros You’ll Love Forever

This list will ring true if you’ve ever found yourself humming a familiar but-unidentified tune and then realised you were singing the Scooby-Doo theme the moment you put words to it. 

These TV earworms can be difficult to get rid of, but that’s exactly what they’re designed to do: sneak into your head and stay there. 

No doubt everyone will have a favourite they think should be here, so get your complaining fingers ready. 

Begin by singing along to the songs we included in our list of tv series that have the intro you’ll love forever. 

The Office theme sticks out, according to Alexandra Hough, PureWow Associate Editor of News and Entertainment, because “it’s so straightforward and readily recognizable”—and we couldn’t agree more. 

This melody brings a grin to our cheeks faster than any other jingle. (“Straight Outta Scranton” is a distant second.

After three decades, the Emmy Award-winning programme is still going strong, and the fact that this instrumental hasn’t altered says a lot.

This tune is incredibly memorable, from the sound of the school bell to Lisa blowing her big saxophone.

Neil Hefti wrote the words and composed the music. One of the eight vocalists who recorded the theme song for the 1960s cult TV series Batman described it like this because it just had one word: ‘Batman.’ 

That is unless you count “na na na na na na!” 

It is not necessary to be a child to enjoy Phineas and Ferb. Every week provided new storylines, unforgettable characters, never-ending running gags with catchy taglines, and a steady supply of popular tunes. Bowling For Soup, who also co-wrote the theme song, performed it. 

The show’s creators, Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh were fans of the band and requested lead vocalist Jaret Reddick to take the snippet they’d already started and construct a theme out of it.

Miley Cyrus was a sweet 13-year-old starring in a popular TV series called Hannah Montana before she twerked before she rode a wrecking ball naked before she smoked pot on stage at an awards event. She auditioned for the part of one of Hannah’s friends but was asked to try out for the lead, only to be told she was too young.

However, when the producers discovered she could sing, they cast her in the lead part regardless, and she quickly rose to fame as a teen idol.


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