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Why Is Pakistani Drama Becoming The New Binge Watching Trend?

Lately Pakistani Drama is getting a huge number of audience. In the last decade the number of people watching K-drama, Turkish drama, and Chinese drama, but in the last year Pakistani Drama has caught the limelight. Strangely, the Indian audience is also one of the highest consumers of Pakistani Drama. Indian soaps have not caught the eye of the Indian young audience yet. Pakistani dramas tend to have less episodes and are often more realistic. Audiences feel these drama’s relatable and thus it has gained its popularity. So here are a few Pakistani Dramas which are very popular among the audience. 

This is a drama with vengeance and a family revenge saga. There is a tradition called Khaie where there are issues between two families, where one family ends up killing all the male members of another family. This drama revolves around this tradition and there is this young fearless girl who makes it her mission to get revenge from the other family. It is an interesting intense drama and you need to watch it to see if she succeeds or it backfires on her. 

This romantic comedy is one of the most watched Pakistani Dramas out there. The story revolves around two cousins who are forced to get married to each other due to their dying grandfather. The story is very engaging and the story is heartwarming. The story is family friendly thus making it popular among all the ages. It is a sweet romantic comedy which might be perfect for your next weekend binge.

It is a combination of love and hate story between an ambitious beautiful girl and a dominating ruthless guy. But the chemistry of the characters makes it worth watching. The drama is intricate and gets one to binge watch it too. It gained popularity in a very short time due to the story line and lead’s chemistry. Also the background score is also very captivating.

Humsafar is an old Pakistani drama which aired in 2011 but hasn’t lost its popularity yet. It is based on a couple with different perspectives yet forced into marriage together. It is a pleasant love story and the chemistry between the leads is to die for. This show also changed the way people look at Pakistani Drama too. If you are into hatred of love stories, this is for you. 



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