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J-Beauty, K-Beauty: What’s the hype all about

Beauty trends are something that rapidly changes and also catches the eyes of everyone too fast. Ten years ago beauty was generally associated with women, but now beauty has no gender. The skincare routine is something everyone has and follows regularly. At least sunscreen and moisturizer are a must in everyone’s bag. These days there is much talk about K Beauty and J Beauty. Let’s see what each skin care is about. 

Japanese Beauty originated from Japan and is famously called J Beauty. This follows a simple approach that mainly focuses on skin health in the long term. The routines are very short when you compare them to Korean skincare methods. The main approach of this skincare routine is the double cleansing part but it does not strip out the natural oils. 

Then this routine follows the application of hydrating lotions and serums for brightening the skin and anti-aging. Broad-spectrum sunscreen is preferred in this routine to protect the skin from UV rays and tanning. Very minimal makeup is done on the skin and a natural look is preferred. Light foundations and lip tints are popularly used when following J Beauty.

Hada Lobo is one of the popular J Beauty brands which is known for its super hydration. DHC, Biore, Kose are some other popular choices but there are many more available in the market. 

Korean beauty has become insanely popular these days. They follow multiple skincare steps in their routine and follow individual approaches too. I think everyone has heard about the 10-step skincare routine of K Beauty. This includes oil cleansers, water-based cleansers, exfoliators, toners, essences, serums, sheet masks, eye creams and sunscreen. 

K Beauty’s makeup includes attaining the famous “Glass Skin Look”. It is naturally dewy and helps in enhancing one’s facial features. The key components of this routine include BB and CC creams and their soft shimmery eye makeup. 

Innisfree is popular for its natural and eco-friendly products. Cocokind is focused on skin barrier support and its sunscreen is highly preferred. Sulwhasoo, Illiyoon, Mishha are some other famous brands out there. 

Ultimately this comes to your individual opinion. K Beauty is known for its product formulations and multiple skincare routines. But J Beauty follows a minimalist approach and focuses on its efficiency. Both the routines focus on getting a healthy and beautiful skin. So we would suggest to follow what works best for you.


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