These Foods Taste Better When Burnt, Experiment Yourself!

Taste better when burnt

The pungent aroma of smoke and burning in the kitchen nearly invariably indicates the charred remains of a once-delicious meal. There are so many dishes that taste better when burnt.

Depending on the extent of the damage, an attempt may be made to remove the blackened portions in order to recover what is still usable.

As a result, there appears to be a bizarre fad for many restaurants to go for the burn and serve the scorched food.

Also, these dishes taste better when burnt!


Everyone has set their marshmallows on fire, whether it was over a campfire or on their kitchen stove. Some people may feel bad, yet it could be done on purpose by others. 

Catching marshmallows on fire quickly produces a burnt, flaky crust with a heated core.

Grilled Cheese

This is a two-for-one offer. That crunch can be either on the bread or the cheese. The gooey, bubbly cheese is delicious, but cheese with a slightly crisp edge elevates it to new heights. 

The Greeks realised this and came up with saganaki, which is essentially pan-fried cheese. Next time you make grilled cheese, try it with it and discover the wonders of burnt cheese.

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Burnt Toast

Toast is, of course, a common breakfast item. Even the most ardent supporters of toast would be wary of having it scorched. Wouldn’t they? 

Many chefs prefer the bitter flavour of blackened sections because it provides a more powerful, earthy savouriness to stews and thick soups. 

Indeed, pizza with a blackened crust has been making the rounds, with many noting that the smoky charcoal of the dough perfectly complements the creamy toppings.


Who doesn’t adore the pan’s crusty corner portions of lasagna? Those four corner pieces of real estate are the most valuable, and for good reason!

The edges of those curly noodles curl up and get extra toasty from time to time. Also, the area where the most cheese spilts out and then gets toasty is fantastic! 

You could purposely leave your lasagna in the oven for a little too long in order to ‘burn’ the bottom of the pan and give it more of the flavour. 

Tastes better when burnt

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