These Are The Top 5 TV Shows With Worst Finale Ever!

TV Shows With Worst Finale

Bringing a beloved show to a worthy finale isn’t always easy. At end end, it results it producing TV shows with worst finale that no one wants to watch.

Fans want to be satisfied with a series’ conclusion after spending hours viewing it. However, the shows have a hard time finishing some episodes. Also, Many viewers were irritated by ‘Lost’s’ purgatory twist, and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ seemed out of touch with what fans desired. 

According to fans, these are the 5 TV shows with worst finale!

1. Breaking Bad

It was always going to be difficult to wrap up a show as hugely popular and always surprising as Breaking Bad.

However, the immediate response to the conclusion was overwhelmingly positive. Moreover, while the episode still has its high points – Jesse’s euphoric escape from captivity; Walt’s theatrically tragic demise. However now, the episode’s reputation has cooled to one of a mild disappointment for many viewers.

After all, when you’ve created one of television’s all-time great series, a ‘decent’ ending won’t quite cut the mustard.

2. Desperate Housewives 

The Desperate Housewives finale ‘Finishing the Hat,’ named after a Stephen Sondheim song, took all the melodrama tension that had been building all season. Moreover, turned it into… not so much. 

With its blandly pleasant endings all around, Housewives couldn’t give an appropriate pay-off for a series. Moreover, resulting as a fiercely subversive suburban satire.

3. Gossip Girl

The teen drama Gossip Girl ended with a shocking revelation: Dan had all along been the blogger known as ‘Gossip Girl.’ 

Additionally, many fans were dissatisfied with the twist. Also, this raised a slew of new questions (most notably, “why?”). 

Furthermore, the series’ last scene, which featured a fresh, younger set of cliquey high school students also failed to connect.

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4. Dexter 

People were wondering how Dexter, Showtime’s blockbuster serial killer drama, would end. Will Dexter Morgan be apprehended as the notorious ‘Bay Harbour Butcher’? Also, is he going to confess? 

Also, you’d have a good chance if you guessed “went to Oregon to live out the rest of his life as a lumberjack”. Moreover, this stunning out-of-the-blue conclusion came out of nowhere and satisfied almost no one!

5. Game of Thrones 

Throughout its eighth and final season, the hit HBO fantasy series was beset by narrative and also the artistic issues. 

Additionally, the over-hyped climax welcomed with something akin to a collective shrug. Moreover, the show’s early assuredness and clever storytelling had given way to the impossible spectacle. Also, many viewers felt that the show’s usually trigger-happy writers had betrayed their favourite characters.

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