Traditional Summer Drinks: Beat The Heat With These Delicious Delicacies!

Traditional Summer Drinks

Around March, the first signs of the summer season appear in several places in India. In the midst of the hot and humid weather, the only thing that provides relief is a cool sherbet full of curd, lemon, or any seasonal berries and fruits. Also, these are many traditional summer drinks that everyone loves!

Although sherbet (sherbet/sharbat), generally referred to as the world’s first soft drink, is based on the Persian sharbat — a sugary mixture laced with flowers and fruits – its influence in India began to emerge during the Mughal era. According to legend, Mughal ruler Babur would send servants to the Himalayan heights to acquire new ice for him to manufacture sharbat.

Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, is also credited with the development of sharbat in some manuscripts. Whatever their origins, sharbat, squashes, and other locally produced beverages have satisfied our thirst and senses for millennia.

So it’s no surprise that India has a long list of drinks or coolers that transcend the seasons and delight us with flavour, reminiscence, and pure joy.

Here are a few traditional summer drinks that you must try:

1. Jaljeera

Jaljeera is traditionally offered chilled as a welcome drink in the summer. Moreover, it is consumed right before a meal because it has tremendous appealing properties.

It is an excellent coolant, removing excess heat produced by the body during the hot summer months. The fundamental ingredients of Jaljeera are black salt, cumin, ginger, lemon, mint, dry mango powder, lemon juice, dried coriander leaves, ginger powder, and water.

2. Aam Panna

Aam Panna, also known as Aam Jhora, is a refreshing Indian beverage. It is is beneficial to your immune system. It also aids in the battle against microorganisms in the body that causes health issues. Drinking aam Panna also helps to avoid different ailments.

It is a pleasant and healthful beverage that contains fresh mangoes ranging from yellow to light green. Moreover, it is really good to combat the harsh Indian summer heat. Mint leaves are also there in the drink to give it a more vibrant green colour.

Traditional Summer Drinks

3. Lassi

Lassi is a popular, healthful, and refreshing drink that many people in India love! This classic drink is one of the easiest refreshing summer drinks to make, and it’s rich with nutrients and vitamins that are good for your health. To make Lassi, you kist need to combine water and Dahi (yoghurt).

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Because lassi is full of yoghurt or dahi, it is really good for our digestive system.

Traditional Summer Drinks

It’s easy on the stomach and contains lactobacilli, which are good bacteria that help digestion by lubricating the intestines. Lassi is a natural and healthy way to relieve stomach bloating.

4. Sol Kadi

The relaxing digestive drink solkadhi (solkadi) or kokum curry is popular in Goa and Maharashtra (Konkan Region). It’s full of coconut milk and dried kokum fruit.

After eating spicy cuisine, sol kadi soothes the digestive system. It works as a natural digestion aid. Moreover, kokum is a great antidote for acidity.

5. Babri Beol Thresh

Babri Beol means “seeds of Babur” in Kashmiri, because it is what basil seeds (sabja seeds) were known as in ancient India, and it was Babur, the first mughal monarch, who introduced them to the people.

This is a traditional Kashmiri beverage, with simple components such as milk, water, basil seeds, and coconut slices. This modest sherbert is widely available on sidewalks throughout the valley, providing a nice break for exhausted merchants who have been walking for days on end.

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