Top 5 Bollywood Comedy Movies That Never Fail To Make Us Laugh

Laughter is often touted as the best medicine. This tiny fact has been scientifically and psychologically confirmed. Laughter has a variety of health advantages, ranging from lowering stress levels to increasing our immune systems. And, bollywood comedy movies are a good solution.

Furthermore, with the help of some of the best Indian comedy films, we have devised the best solutions for improving your health through a hearty dose of laughter. We’ve compiled a list of the top Bollywood comedy films that will have you rolling on the floor like a lunatic.

So, go ahead and check through the list below to choose one of the top 5 Bollywood Comedy Movies that you can watch now.

Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri is a classic comedy that isn’t romantic at all but is wonderful in parts (subplots, side characters, and classic one-liners) and overall. You must watch it since it is one of the best Bollywood comedy films you will ever see.

3 Idiots

Rancho, Farhan, and Raju are three college pals who star in the film 3 idiots. It adds to the trio’s academic and familial pressure to succeed. It is a film that will bring you joy. You can find tiny spurts of humorous scenes now and then, skillfully integrated into the narrative by the filmmaker.

Chup Chup Ke

A fisherman saves Jeetu from committing suicide. As a person with hearing and speech impediments, the fisherman sells him to a moneylender. As a result, Jeetu takes on the role of a deaf and speech-impaired character. Is it, however, simple for Jeetu? Watch the movie to find out what happens to Jeetu.

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Golmaal – Fun Unlimited

Lucky, Gopal, Madhav, and Laxman are best buddies and companions in mischief in Golmaal — Fun Unlimited. They play practical jokes on people for money, but they frequently end up in trouble. And we can’t stop laughing at the shambles they make!

Chachi 420

Janki and Jaiprakash had been divorced for a long time. Janki takes custody of Jaiprakash’s loving daughter, and he is forbidden from seeing her. To be with her, he reinvents himself as a nanny, ‘Shrimati Lakshmi Godbole.’ This not only addresses his issue but also produces a slew of new ones for Lakshmi.

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