Zoom’s Immersive View: Feel A Bit More In-Person

Zoom’s Immersive View

Ever thought virtual meetings would become more and more realistic? Yes, it’s happening! Up to 25 meeting participants can be grouped in a single scene. For example, a classroom, fireside chat, or boardroom, using Zoom’s new Immersive View feature.

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Credits: Zoom Blog

Meeting hosts can use the feature, which was first announced at last year’s Zoomtopia gathering. This will also be in the same way, as they use Speaker View or Gallery View. Hosts will also be able to resize and transfer participants.

David Ball, the Product Marketing Specialist at Zoom, said: “Sometimes we all just need to think outside the video box once in a while; that’s why we’re excited to unveil Immersive View, a more engaging and collaborative way to meet!”

“We’ve provided a few scenes to get you started, but you can also upload your own. Hosts can even use their video as an Immersive View scene, bringing participants into their virtual background” he continued.

According to Zoom, Zoom’s Immersive View can provide participants with more enjoyable and dynamic settings. It arrives on the heels of other Zoom Rooms features including new emojis, disappearing pen annotations, and Smart Gallery View.

Credits: Zoom Blog

The immersive view will be enabled by default for Free. Even for Pro users running Zoom 5.6.3 or higher on Windows and Mac OS. All other account types will activate it via the Zoom portal. 

Users that do not have a compatible operating system or a supported version of Zoom’s programme can still join the meeting. However, they will only see it in Gallery View or Speaker View.

Feel more realistic with zoom’s immersive view

If the meeting host shares their phone, Immersive View will automatically stop. However, it will resume when the sharing is finished. 

Meetings can’t be captured in Immersive View yet, so they’ll show up in Gallery View or Speaker View instead. It depends upon the meeting settings. Panellists will be grouped on screen for webinars, with attendees watching the scene. 

Zoom recently unveiled a slew of new features aimed at making meetings more dynamic. The disappearing pen feature allows users to briefly share and highlight elements of a whiteboard until it is automatically erased over time. This is particularly beneficial during webinars.

In addition to the six previously available emojis, a slew of new emojis are there which can be used as reactions. Owners and administrators of accounts can opt to enable the entire suite or only the original six emojis.

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