Zoom Weddings: Say ‘Yes’ Over A Video Call!

Zoom Weddings

What would an Indian wedding be without drunken parking lot hang? Some quirky mind-numbing bhangra benders? Moreover, mountains of laddoos and marigolds, being photographed while dining, appeasing the baraatis, and placating the metaphorical naraaz fufaji? The oh-so-polite and sanitised weddings at Zoom just didn’t cut it for us. It didn’t leave you hungover for four days.

Weddings and Indians have an unbreakable bond that not even a global pandemic can break. And when the pandemic struck India in March, right in the middle of the wedding season, our first reaction was to ignore it. However, as people remained indoors due to lockdowns, the muhurat dates started filling up. Through which, Indians were forced to abandon their mega-event Shaadi plans and opt for a sophisticated zoom wedding.

Zoom Weddings
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But, as the pandemic fades into obscurity (even though India’s Covid count continues to haunt us), our band bajaa baraats is back. In some cases, they’re bringing in frighteningly large groups of people.

Some, on the other hand, are hoping for things to improve. Others have chosen to go with the tide, refusing to be depressed by the global pandemic. Last week, one such bride took to Twitter to share photos from her fairytale wedding, which she had on a Zoom call with her husband.

“Was probably among the 0.1% of brides who was worrying about 2-factor authentication 30 mins before getting married,” the Twitter user Spuddykat tweeted on her profile. Her virtual wedding and tweet went viral in no time!

Moreover, whenever we discuss Indian Weddings, approximately a budget of 15-20 lacs is the minimum which comes to our minds.

One of the major and most important advantages of zoom weddings has been the cost-cutting as well as guest-cutting.

With everything going digital, startups have also become hyperactive. They are trying out different and innovative solutions to run their businesses.

Shaadi.com has assisted in the planning of many digital weddings, including online makeup and mehndi (or henna) artists, digital wedding invitations, and food delivery to guests’ homes. With around 2.5 million active accounts, the online matrimonial service expects to create a separate resource for digital nuptials.

Zoom Weddings
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However, the cases are still on rising and zoom weddings could be a major positive side here. Delhi government has also issued new guidelines on allowing only 50% capacity at public places.

Let’s hope the situation becomes more stable for all of us. Till then, stay home and stay safe. We are in this together.

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