Youth And Their Roles In The Current Times: A Message By Barack Obama


The youth across the world, while facing all the different challenges in these difficult times, are also opening up to a lot of new opportunities. While it is difficult to find motivation and consistency during such times, this article will talk about words of encouragement, words of success, and how to impact society.

Barack Obama, the former President of the United States in 2009, in his speech at Arizona State University, emphasized how challenges during times of recession are unprecedented. While he talked after the recession of 2008, these pandemic months are no different. We are all aware that several sectors like tourism, food, and many others have been affected severely due to the lockdown in countries. So, as said by Obama in 2009, there are no standard remedies to the problems faced from 2020 till now. However, what stands true is that the youth, the young people can bring solutions to make the world a better place with their work ethics and new ideas.

Barack Obama, in his speech, said that the world requires the enthusiasm and energy of young people. However, the critical point was that he did not talk about the young in terms of age. He spoke of being young in terms of the mentality. Besides, he also mentioned how one needs to question the existing system and create an inclusive world. Additionally, he also talked about the requirement of creativity.

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“Have Someone To Become Successful For”- Barack Obama’s Message To The Youth

The most exciting thing about his entire talk that still stands true is how one can stay motivated. Additionally, the former President said that it is good to have someone for whom one needs to become successful. He added that you should have someone you look up to. When you have someone to look after, you will raise to their needs and wants.


He shared a special message with all the graduates. Obama said that partying is good. However, after the party, you may look into the mirror, and not find yourself enough to enter this competitive world. However, a child might see you and see someone they can look up to. They can find a mentor in you. Someone might see sunshine in the form of you, and someone could see a lifeline inside you.

Maybe what he said in 2009 still stays true. People will not care about the money you have in your pockets but about how much you care for them and how much you love them, lastly, how you can make them feel.

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