Wrestler Sushil Kumar arrested for Brutal Murder of fellow Wrestler.

sushil kumar arrested by delhi police

Sushil Kumar, a popular wrestler was arrested by police after being on the run for 20 days. This much celebrated Olympian who has won medals for India is now a prime accused in a gruesome murder case. 

If convicted, he faces life imprisonment or the death penalty. So, how did Sushil Kumar go from being a national hero to a murder accused?sushil kumar wrestler

Shocking events surrounding the high-profile murder case.

Reports are stating that the crime was deliberately filmed by the accused to incite fear among viewers. 

What’s even more shocking is the fact that the deceased was a fellow wrestler which puts the focus sharply on Sushil Kumar’s career. The scene of the crime is Delhi’s Chatrasal Stadium. And the victims include wrestler Sagar Rana, aged 23 along with two of his friends.

The incident raises serious questions regarding the glorious career of Sushil Kumar. 

Authorities are certain that the incident occurred with a motive to keep competitors at bay by creating a perception of terror around the accused. However, there are reports regarding harbouring of criminals in Sushil Kumar’s property. The motive seems far deeper and more complex than a pretty case of sport rivalry. 

Champion wrestler to wanted criminal.

After the heinous crime came to light, Sushil Kumar fled the scene. He evaded cops for about 20 days with his accomplice in the murder, Ajay Kumar. 

This unexpected turn of events occurred in quick succession starting from the 4th of May, the day of the crime. 

The victim, Sagar Rana who also goes by the name Sagar Dhankad along with his friends were brutally thrashed and required hospitalisation. Sagar Rana suffered fatal blows and soon succumbed to his injuries. 

Sushil Kumar unmasked

Known for his appearance as a celebrity judge on MTV Roadies, Sushil Kumar was a 37-year-old wrestling champion and has Bronze and Silver medals to his name. In 2006, he was accorded the Arjuna award. In 2011, the Government of India conferred the prestigious Padma Shri on Sushil Kumar. In 2009, he was also the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award. This award is the Government of India’s highest honour for sport personalities.

sushil kumar padma shree

With so many accolades to his name, it’s a shame that all his achievements stand to be lost as several other links in the case are coming to the fore. Sushil Kumar is also allegedly linked to a criminal network. Investigations are underway by the police regarding his links with a gangster currently serving imprisonment, Neeraj Bawana.

He is also being linked with a high-profile extortion case and several other fugitive gangsters. 

All in all, the case comes as a big blow to the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI). They were already struggling to break the perception of Indian wrestlers being goons and thugs. Sushil Kumar’s fans are sure to be disappointed if he is convicted in the trial.

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