Work From Home Turns Into Work From Wedding For This Groom

Work From Home

Work from home has become the new normal since the starting of the covid-19 pandemic. We come across different examples where people work while doing household chores, with formal shirts and shorts and many others. But, now we have a groom working on his laptop at the time of his wedding. Yes, you read it right.

A reel is shared on social media platforms, and it is gaining views from all the netizens. Additionally, the Maharashtrian bride was seen laughing when the camera turned towards her, which caught the attention of the viewers. While many are going gaga over what could be so important for the groom, many are questioning the working culture of the companies.

Work From Home

The groom was using his laptop at the mandap, keeping his device on his lap. Additionally, the guests and the pandit could be seen waiting for the groom to be ready for the marriage to go ahead with the ceremony. After some time, the groom finally was ready to give his laptop to the other person.

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“Work From Home Nah….Work From Wedding”

The shared reel also had text written on it. It said, “Work from home nah…..Its work from wedding.”

However, there is a twist. Many people from the wedding said that the groom was not working on the laptop. One of the users added that the groom was making a video call to make his friends virtually attend the marriage.

After the pandemic, all the works have shifted to the online mode from the office mode. Hence, many videos have come where people are working in different spaces with laptops in their hands. With time, people are getting used to the “work from home” habit. While many got the opportunity to stay with their families and work at the same time, some also said that they could not handle both things equally well.

The video shared is hilarious, and the viewers can have a good laugh looking at the video. The bride’s reaction was the catch of the video, and people loved the way she laughed.

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