Woofbowl: Latest Mobile Food Truck For Dogs

Mobile Food Truck

Dogs are as important as any human must be. These four-legged munchkins deserve the same kind of luxury as we humans enjoy. Talking about which, something new is on market for our furry friends called, ‘Woofbowl’, a mobile food truck for dogs.

Dogs now have their mobile canteen — Woofbowl. On the menu of this canine restaurant in Washington, DC, USA, the dishes could easily be mistaken for normal human food.

Following the human food truck craze, it’s now time for dogs to follow suit. You’d have to fly to the United States to see your four-legged companion order his menu in person. Dogs, like humans, will be able to eat burgers, nuggets, tacos, and doughnuts at this new stop. Dog beer, a form of beef and chicken broth, is a bonus for your dog. This is the menu at the appropriately called “Woofbowl,” which sells organic dog food free of GMOs, preservatives, and artificial flavourings in the guise of quick food.

Mobile food truck for dogs! Isn’t that paw-some?

Earlier, it was rear to see such enthusiasm when it came to love for pets and other animals. But now, with the changing times, people have started learning how important it is to treat other living beings with equal respect and love.

Ron Holloway and his wife Solo are the driving force behind this company’s stylish and exclusive marketing. She is a Khmer Rouge refugee and he is a Navy veteran. The food truck is an initiative of a couple, who owns two bulldogs. Solo wanted to put her engineering skills to use in the conception and development of superfood for pets after they became experts at carefully preparing nutritious food for their dogs. As a result, the couple decided to start their own company. The food truck, on the other hand, rarely saw the light of day. Many different problems arose which lead to its shut down but now it’s finally back to life! Moreover, the couple donates part of their profits to animal and veteran charities. Moreover, isn’t that amazing?

Many of us think twice before relating ‘healthy food’ to dog food but this is exactly what this food truck has made possible. Their menu features food items that are made to look just like human food but the ingredients which are used are dog-friendly.

The couple who started this venture has an extreme vision of starting something healthy and organic for dogs. However, in this era of chemical-filled treats and food for dogs, this might be the ray of hope!

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