Women’s Day: Watch These Bollywood Films With Strong Female Characters

Women’s Day

On March 8, women all across the world commemorate International Women’s Day. Women are honouring themselves and those around them this year as well. Similarly, both on and off-screen, Bollywood has its fair share of strong women. People used to rely largely on male starring films, but that is no longer the case. More authentic, raw, and real stories are now in demand.

The “masala” movies may monetarily make a successful run a the box office, but in the previous few years, there has been a boom in female-led movies also. 

So, if you’re looking for a Bollywood film with a strong female protagonist to see this women’s day:

1. Piku 

The narrative by Juhi Chaturvedi depicts an autonomous, authentically modern lady who lives life on her terms. Piku has a difficult time juggling her love and professional activities while caring for her ageing, constipated father.

There are layers to this female lead, who is sexually liberated and unabashedly opinionated, and her empathy is well matched by her harsh scorn for being told what to do.

Raw, raw moments that underline the thoughts of overselling the ancestral house or suffering the weight of being a full-time daughter are both surprisingly relatable and memorable.

2. Queen 

Queen’ is an important Bollywood benchmark, a film that is both deeply local and magnificently global, with a fantastic lead performance by Kangana Ranaut and a tale that is brimming with genuine emotion and purpose.

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3. Kahani 

Another well-known woman-centric thriller, this time starring Vidya Bagchi, is desperate to solve the mystery behind her husband’s death. 

While Bollywood action sequences are notorious for featuring a blur of combat sequences and well-proportioned male protagonists, Vidya’s fragility and fortitude throughout the events of the film make it a must-see.

She is not only wise but also a strong lady who switches between various personalities to get closer to solving the issue.

4. Bulbul 

Bulbul is a feminist film that highlights women’s struggles while also applauding their triumphs over adversity. She and her sister-in-law Binodini have experienced significant trauma at the hands of their husbands and other men in their lives, and because they have little control over their lives, they are eventually set against one another.

5. Thappad 

Writers Anubhav Sinha and Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul turn a slap across the face of Amrita into a powerful movie.

Moreover, into an exploration of patriarchy, male entitlement, misogyny, the normalisation of domestic violence against women.

Also how women are robbed of their agency by their people in the name of keeping the family together.

We finally get to meet Amrita, the person, after her husband slaps her across the face during a home party. Moreover, she puts her foot down and transforms into a self-respecting, independent lady with a mind of her own.

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