Will AI take my job?

will ai take my job

Hello and welcome to 2023! We’ve all just gone through an apocalyptic cleansing of sorts. Where mostly half of the world’s population just got wiped out by a deadly virus, the world’s economy went to the dogs, half the world killed each other in war. And of course, who can forget! Everything that we thought was relevant and the epitome of modern civilization became obsolete, legacy, and redundant with the snap of a finger. Like mainstream cinema, a few thousand jobs and livelihoods, of course.

And guess what, this global shift doesn’t seem to be stabilizing anytime soon. Turns out, human intelligence and intellect, something that fetches our bread and butter will no longer be plausible in a negotiation. Because, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here folks! Chat GPT is already killing it, and I mean jobs, motivation, and the reason for being.

Get this, one day you’re an architect and the next day you won’t be anymore. Apparently, AI will soon be able to design houses, and what not. We’re at the brink of yet another ‘discovery of the calculator’ moment. Only this time, it won’t be nothing like back then. So here’s a quiz of sorts to find out if AI will replace your job or not. At the end of it, you’ll know whether your skills, expertise, education, and everything you’ve worked for professionally will matter or not. Congratulations, this is as depressing as it can get, let’s go!

1. Are you an engineer?

In short, are you basic, is the question? Don’t worry, Chat GPT and AI will soon eliminate the need for coders and content writers in the workforce. Or at least a major chunk of them. The state of the tech workforce is already very evident. With millions of people in top corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon already having been fired mercilessly. So if you’re an average student pursuing something as vague as ‘coding’, prepare to be jobless for a long time post graduation.

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2. Are you still blithely unaware of AI?

If you’re still living under a rock and you have no idea of how a mass petition was recently filed to stop AI development, vouched for by Elon Musk himself, then your job is probably in danger. Rule number 1 of not being brutally cancelled by technology is to be up to date with the latest advancements in tech. Did you also know that there are horribly scary predictions doing the rounds of how humanity itself is in danger if AI evolves to its full potential? If you didn’t, time to wake up sweetheart.

3. Does your job involve no-brainer work?

Let’s face it, most jobs are about excessive use of spreadsheets. But if you have a funny feeling that your job particularly involves mindless tasks, there’s probably soon going to be an AI bot to replace you at work. Once Artificial Intelligence reaches its full potential, there won’t be any need for top corporations to pay people for unskilled labour. We’re not saying this but Sundar Pichai sure did imply this in a recent statement.

4. Do you simply exist?

The potential risks of Artificial Intelligence are quite scary to comprehend. Even the average salaryman who has nothing to do with technological advancements may find his job in danger. And what’s worse is that they may realize it too late before they can upskill or even think about a change in career path. There’s really no telling about the limits of AI. There are already full-fledged robots that can cook food, and serve guests at restaurants. And these are not even AI bots.

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