Why did BTS Jin enlist in the South Korean Army?

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Are you one of those people who look on in vague horror at Twitter fanwars and in fascination at videos of k-pop idols dancing? Then you’re most probably part of the Internet that doesn’t really know why the rest of it was bawling on the 13th of December 2022. With thousands of hashtags flying about, people were wishing Jin of BTS a good luck as he headed off to the Army.

Yes, the actual South Korean military, not the BTS fanbase ARMY.


The real reason why BTS is serving in the South Korean Army

Due to tense relations with North Korea, it is South Korean law for all able-bodied men to serve in the military for a minimum of 18-21 months. Yes, all men. For those who are suffering from physical ailments such as a previous debilitating injury or disability, they are moved on to positions in the federal police, or a desk job in the army.

There had been fierce debate as to whether Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) could be exempted from their involuntary military service. There was divided opinion right from the South Korean Parliament to the regular citizen. This is because of the sensitive nature of the involuntary service, with mindsets that were conflicted between service to their country and the matter of upcoming young men suspending their careers or studies when they are called upon to serve.

However, Kim Seokjin, more commonly known as Jin, like all members of the world-famous group has decided to go on to do his duty as soon as he turned 30, which is the cut off age for service. It is said that the debate as to whether BTS need not do what almost all men in their country are expected to do, was a topic that was brought up by the media and politicians. In fact, when asked, BTS said that they would do their patriotic duty and have since maintained that stance.

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How real Army life is treating Jin of BTS

Jin has now entered boot camp. With other new conscripts, he will undergo five weeks of basic military training before being assigned to military units across the country. 

It was expected that there would be hundreds, if not, thousands of fans to send off the oldest member. However, Hybe Corp – the parent company of Big Hit which has signed on BTS years before their debut in 2013- put out a statement asking fans to refrain from showing up in person, weeks after the horrific Halloween tragedy in Seoul. Thus, there was a showing of a few dozen fans and reporters who couldn’t see Jin as he was dropped directly inside the camp in Yeoncheon.

The other BTS members will follow in his footsteps

All the other members will join the military in staggering order of age. Jeon Jungkook, the youngest at 25 will be the last to join his brothers. 

But fear not, ARMY!

Big Hit has announced that serving members are allowed to join non-serving members in events abroad. More importantly, they will come together again sometime in 2025.

BTS will be back with a bang!

We have been following Bangtan since their debut and we have grown alongside them. Watching our role models move on in the next phase of their lives, with calm confidence inspires us too.

Good luck, fellow ARMYs and Tannies!


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