What Caused Mark Zuckerberg Owned Platforms To Have Global Outage

What Caused Mark Zuckerberg Owned Platforms To Have Global Outage

Most of us were blaming our network, turning off our phones, switching off and on our WiFi. Meanwhile, on the other side, our favorite social media had crashed. There wasn’t anything wrong with our phones. Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp had crashed for many hours disrupting millions of users. Netizens shifted to Twitter and telegram during this global outage. There were several jokes made on social media as the apps were down for so many hours.

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Reason for Global Outage

In the beginning, there were no official announcements made. So there were speculations that the Facebook server is under cyber attack. Internet was floating with news of the involvement of hackers and data breaches during this time. As millions of users suffered from this outage, Facebook later gave an official statement. Facebook is the parent company of both Instagram as well as WhatsApp. They said that internal networking issues were the main reason for the outage.

Mark Zuckerberg cleared the air while Facebook Engineers investigated the issue

They also said that there was a communication cut-off between the company’s data centers. This led to a cascade of disruptions. This ended up creating servers to be cut off from one another. Also, internal systems were affected due to this. This made it even difficult for Facebook’s engineers to diagnose what the real problem was. Facebook said there was no compromise done in data. There was no data breach taken place or any activity of hacking groups. Mark Zuckerberg also made a public statement on his handle. This is one of the longest outages social media had ever seen. Zuckerberg apologised to those who weren’t able to use Whatsapp today. He also said that they were working to get all the apps back up again. Also, he thanked users for patiently waiting for the apps to come back online again.

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