What Is The Most Expensive Hobby? Find Out Here!

Most Expensive Hobby

Hobbies are things that we choose to engage in because they are enjoyable and help us relax. We’re also willing to pay a lot of money for them in a flash. But how do you know what’s the most expensive hobby?

When money isn’t a problem and you can spend it whatever you want, you’re presented with an extraordinary array of activities that most people would never have access to. 

Moreover, talking about this, do you know all over the world people have different and some of the most expensive hobbies that we might not even know of!  

Here’s how the wealthy have fun with their money.

In short, let’s answer your question of what’s the most expensive hobby. 

1. Yacht Racing 

Yacht racing may appear to be an appealing pastime if you have a chance to have a yacht on hand. This is a well-known celebrity’s favourite engagement. 

However, given that boats in this category range in price from $2 million to $800 million, depending on the level of luxury, this is a very expensive hobby!

2. Drone Racing

Drone racing, as the name implies, involves flying drones around a track in an attempt to beat other autonomous robots to the finish line. 

Drones were first commercially available in 2010, although the top models have improved steadily in recent years. 

While any drone may theoretically be used to race, top-of-the-line drones, such as those used in Drone Racing League events, can cost $500 or more.

3. Collecting Model Trains

Model train aficionados can spend tens of thousands of dollars on their pastime, constructing long trains with a variety of carriages and intricate scenery.

Full-size trains can cost hundreds of dollars, with some individual carriages costing much more. To make the trains operate, hobbyists must also acquire rails and electronics. 

Custom layouts with landscapes, buildings, backdrops, and more are also available and can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. They can, of course, engage someone to create custom layouts, which will cost thousands of dollars.

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4. Cosplay 

Fans of movies, video games, comic books, and other media attend conventions like Comic-Cons across the United States, many of whom dress up as their favourite characters in a practice known as cosplay. 

Cosplayers set themselves apart by meticulously replicating their character’s appearances. Cosplayers who are serious about their costumes spend dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars creating and manufacturing their costumes.

5. Home Aquaria 

Replace your fishbowl with a large aquarium filled with a variety of fish to take your home aquarium game to the next level. You’ll have to look after the fish, feed them daily, and keep the aquarium clean. 

A fairly sized aquarium can set you back roughly $2,000. Moreover, larger aquariums with more fish and sea animals would set you back much more.

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