Shaquem Griffin Former Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins player Announces retirement from NFL on Wednesday

Former Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins linebacker Shaquem Griffin has retired from the NFL after four long seasons

"The time has come for me to retire from professional football," he wrote. "It’s time for me to execute my Plan A." in a players tribune Article.

Griffin lost his left hand to amputation and amniotic band syndrome (a congenital condition) at age 4.

Despite that, he was the first drafted player by the Seattle Seahawks in the fifth round back in 2018 at NFL’s modern chapter.

"I didn't want people thinking, Aw, the one-handed player got cut. I don't do sympathy, man. I don't like people feeling sorry for me," he wrote.

"But at no point did I ever think that that was it for me in the NFL."While talking to Players' Tribune he said  that, "Football was always Plan B."

Griffin’s "Plan A was to make use of his college education, and do something that would make a bigger impact in the world."

The Seahawks congratulated Griffin on his retirement and tweeted: A true inspiration on the field. A better person off of it. Your story will be remembered for generations.

He saved his final thank you for his brother. "We've always said, 'We live through each other." That won't change. I'm still with you, living through you every time you take the field,'"