March is Women's History Month: Did you know these cool facts? 


March 16, 2022

Women's History Month is celebrated in America from 1st to the 31st of March every year. 

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'Women's History Month' can be traced back to the very first 'International Women's Day' celebrated way back in 1911. 

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The celebration kicked off with a 'Women's History Day' in California. 

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The week starting March 7 was declared 'Women's History Week'.

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'Women's History Week' was officially recognized in the US which then later spread out to other countries. 

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The Obama Government published 'Women in America: Indicators of Social & Economic Well-Being', a first-of-its-kind Federal Report about women. 

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Unfortunately in India, we have 'No Shave November' for Men, but no dedicated month for women to be celebrated. 

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India needs a Women's History Month

A 'Women's History Month' celebration in India will shed more light on just how far we've come, and give us the recognition we deserve. 

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Its 2022! We should advocate for extending 'International Women's Day' to the entirety of March. 

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