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6 Life Lessons We Learnt From Money Heist

By Drushti Shetty

September 4, 2021

Don’t Be Impulsive

I don’t think we have seen Professor losing his mind, panicking or even getting angry in this show. A lot of us are naturally impulsive by nature.


All Rules Are Not Meant To Be Broken


Having fun and living in that moment is alright up to a certain point. In this series, we have seen that the professor had made some rules for everyone to follow. Whenever one person took a step back and didn’t follow the rules, everyone ended up in trouble.

Don’t Bring Someone Else Down


Working as a team is one of the earliest things we learn in our childhood. But it’s surprising that many of us still aren’t that great when it comes to being team players.

Always Think Ahead


Think ahead in the plan will always help to reduce your chances of failure. You can predict the moves of your enemies or your competitors and be better than them in every way possible.

Keep Emotions And Business Apart


Keeping one’s emotions in check is really important. Thinking from the heart in some situations can be disastrous. We saw how Tokyo and Rio messed up things for everyone else.

Fight Till Your Last Breath


Many of us fear losing. We don’t even attempt to try. But Life is about fighting till your last breath. Even if you have hit rock bottom, you always have the chance to turn the tables till you are breathing.