India Vs Pakistan

India is all set to play against arch-rival Pakistan at the Asia Cup 2022 which will take place in Dubai, UAE.  

Remembering the Last encounter

India lost to Pakistan in the last world cup 2021 that took place in Dubai, UAE. 

India's first defeat

This was India's very first defeat at the hands of the Pakistani team in a World Cup match. 

Lethal Pakistani Bowling attack

Pakistan has one of the world's best bowling attacks that's unplayable by the best batsman in the world. 

Indian Batting Lineup

The star-studded Indian batting lineup include the likes of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, K L Rahul who are all set to take on the Pak bowling attack. 

Will India avenge its defeat?

The big question is whether India will avenge its crushing defeat from 2021 .

Question on Virat Kohli's form

Virat Kohli has lately been underperforming at the International level. This match could be his redemption. 

India's possible playing level

BCCI has hinted through pictures posted on its social media handle, including photos of young, experienced players. 

Super-Sunday Match

Everything is at stake in the upcoming match. It's already evoking a sense of pride for both nations. 

Who will be victorious?

Since India's last crushing defeat against Pak, the Indian team will go all-out to regain its former glory. Meanwhile, Pakistan is bringing out its best players to the field.