George Foreman, celebrated boxing champion caught in a Sexual Abuse scandal

Lawsuits have been filed by none other than the daughters of his own former associates.

2 women have accused the boxing champ of sexually abusing them as minors way back in the 70's.

The women have filed separate lawsuits that make serious allegations of rape and sexual abuse against them when they were teenagers.

One of the women is the daughter of his adviser and manager.

The other woman is the daughter of his fellow trainee boxer when the incident took place.

The 73-year old ex-boxer's legacy is in question as he has been accused of sleeping with minors aged 15 and 16 years of age.

And although George Foreman has denied these accusations, it looks like they are threatening to shake his reputation.

Foreman said that he was beng extorted and called the accusations 'lies'.

Meanwhile, as the case progresses, it once again raises eyebrows on the lives of famous celebrities and sport personalities.