6 Red Flags to Spot a Fake Rich Guy on Social Media

A LOT of Selfies -  Imposters on Social Media will go out of their way to prove that they're genuine. 

Instagram looking like postcards

Excessive Pictures of Private Jets, Luxury Watches, Exotic Travel Photos. The genuinely wealthy & successful rarely have the time to showboat online. 

Aggressive Motivational Quotes - Scammers are pretty proud of faking it. Preachy quotes or videos about the 'billionaire mindset' and the 'haters' are potential red flags.

Posting only about Brands & Prices - Constantly mentioning or wearing luxury brands from head to toe. Regularly posting about pricey bills or how much they spent in a day is a major red flag.


Titles like 'Entrepreneur', 'Real Estate Developer' or 'Self-Employed at Business' are always shady and need to be watched out for. 

Posting about the Stock Market a lot - Dissing the 9 to 5 working class, posting about 'investing in the stock market', 'being in the top 1%', or 'the power of compounding'.

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