We watched KGF Chapter 2 – And this is not a movie review!

We watched KGF Chapter 2 - And this is not a movie review!

Rarely do movies play out like a picture-perfect phenomenon of sound, color, action, drama, and most importantly, a solid storyline. In a nutshell, K.G.F Chapter 2 WAS that movie. The first chapter of this mind-blasting story set the stage for what was to come. And what did follow shattered all expectations without a doubt. We want to tell you with much excitement that we watched the KGF Chapter 2 full movie. And that this is NOT a movie review. Instead, it’s an expression of the fact that the full-scale grandeur of South Indian movies has finally caught on with the rest of the country. And unfortunately, there seems to be no match for the K.G.F sensation.

House-Full Madness

K.G.F shows were full not only in south theaters but everywhere, with movie watchers going berserk over the non-stop action in the entire movie. Yash has emerged as a kind of action God and it’s unbelievable how the audience is enthralled. There wasn’t a seat in sight with tickets raking in tens of crores in advanced booking sales before the KGF chapter 2 release date. Also, as of today, K.G.F Chapter 2 has beaten RRR’s record and will soon reach the 140 Cr mark. There’s no stopping it.

The action doesn’t stop

There are few quiet moments throughout the movie. The action doesn’t seem to cease at any point. And it takes the viewer at top speed from one speed bump to the next with the full effect of heart-thumping jerks and stop-motions. The plotline flows seamlessly and uninterrupted. There are close to 0 instances where the screenplay doesn’t seem to fit in with the plot.

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Ear-thumping treat of sounds, color, and cinematography

There are few words to describe the excellent color grading and cinematography style of KGF 2. The picturization is an excellent piece of work. The viewer may sometimes get lost in thought over the brilliance of each scene and lose the thread of the story. In comparison with Chapter 2, Chapter 1 feels like it was merely teasing the audience, warming them up, and building up to the real deal. S**t really goes down in the KGF 2 movie.

Was there something we didn’t like?

Yes and no! K.G.F Chapter 2 is a brilliant piece of work and will go down in Indian cinematic history for shattering every conceivable record. Like any South Indian movie, it’s true that there are tropes. Like the gravity-defying fight sequences, the one-man army of the hero, the dolled-up, eye candy ‘love interest’ trope of the heroine who is a passive-aggressive observer without much dialogue. Also, a few logic-defying plotholes that may be a tad bit out of touch with reality. But we can forgive this one for being the best version of a Kannada movie we’ve seen in a long time. And more importantly, because Yash is now a beloved figure in our minds.

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