Wacky post covid-19 corporate culture trends

Wacky post covid-19

The world is affected by the covid-19 that created a major impact on everyone’s lives in different ways. Public health emergencies were claimed for a million lives worldwide. The most affected sector during these hard times was the corporate sector. Every individual despite their role had to adopt new methods to work effectively and efficiently during this lockdown.


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Corporate culture is always quick to adapt to new trends and often introduces some of the wackiest. Here are a few we saw since the start of Covid-19 that most corporate office managers were surprised they had to bring into effect. 

#1 Work From Home:

Work from home was not a new concept in the corporate world. But much to the chagrin of managers and the delight of employees, WFH has pretty much become a permanent trend in the corporate world.

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Before the pandemic, workers used to manage both their professional and personal life on different shelves. But now that both are pretty much mixed up, some have mastered the art of management while others continue to be as frustrated at home as they were in the office.

Not everyone can accept a Work from home routine. A proven point for this statement is that most people have huge families which creates a problem during working hours. For example, some people may have young children that are unaware of boundaries and as a result, cause interruptions during the working day. While others may not have the required physical space to create a suitable dedicated working area.

#2 Employees decide their working hours:

Work flexibility is the next post-covid trend we want to talk about. 

Never before had corporate employees thought that they would have the flexibility to choose their working hours and be free of the dreaded 9 to 5.

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This major change follows a method that allows both employees and employers to arrange their work according to their working style. From choosing fixed working hours that fit perfectly with personal hours, the new working hours have found favour with otherwise frantic corporate workers.

#3 Employees carrying along their large WFH desktops wherever they go:

The next trend which may not be a favourite with corporate employees is the fact that now they are burdened with their boring, ugly, office desktop. It’s beyond us why corporate companies are sending bulky desktops over to employees’ homes, but what’s worse is the fact that employees are forced to carry them along wherever they go.

For example, a person who used to enjoy their travelling now has a constraint to do his work while travelling on a large desktop.

But this trend is currently popular in the corporate world and it’s funny how corporate employees are so busy glued to their office desktops at home and everywhere they go. Distressed corporate employees hauling their desktops everywhere is a funny sight you’ve probably spotted around you.

#4 Video conferencing fails & memes during Covid-19 Pandemic:

Ever since lockdowns began, people’s struggles with zoom calls gave us the most hilarious fails & memes. From CEO’s getting caught on camera with their underwear beneath a suit, to people doing embarrassing things without realising their video was live to an audience; the ‘zoom call fails and memes trend’ took the corporate world by storm post covid-19.


#5 Couples unable to talk to each other inside their own homes owing to never-ending con calls:

Communication is a key to having a happy life but as a result of workload given by the companies, employees do not have enough time to communicate with family and friends.   Screen-time increased and corporate couples found themselves sitting through con call after con call since waking up in the morning everyday. This post-covid trend saw people unable to find time to talk to each other from across the hall.


#6 Bye Bye, daily commute:

And finally, corporate employees didn’t think they would see the day when they had to finally bid adieu to daily work commutes. This post covid-19 trend brought relief to suit-and-tie, podcast listening office-goers who managed to catch a minimum of 3 flu infections each year from inside hot, sticky subways.

But now, covid has permanently dispersed all the people breathing down each others necks inside metro trains. The end of large scale daily commutes has been everyone’s most favourite post-covid corporate culture trend of all time.

Corporate culture is truly one of a kind. Not everyone can handle its quirks but it never fails to disappoint. When it comes to wacky solutions to problems, everyone needs to take a lesson or two from the corporate world. We hope you enjoyed reading about these funny, interesting post-covid corporate culture trends.

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