Virgin River Season 4: Trailer Out Now!

Virgin River Season 4

The trailer for the popular drama and romance series Virgin River Season 4 has finally been made available on Netflix. This month marks the return of the show to streaming services. Moreover, a brand-new trailer previews the difficulties Melinda (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson) encounters. Also, their attempt to advance their romance.

Virgin River viewers had been anticipating Jack’s decision to ask Melinda to marry him at the conclusion of Season 3 for some time. However, Melinda’s announcement that she is pregnant ends the proposal. Then, to further complicate matters, Melinda informs Jack that she is unsure of the paternity of her child because she attempted artificial insemination using her late husband’s (Daniel Gillies) sperm. That was a huge bomb to deliver during a marriage proposal, but Jack appeared committed to Melinda and their ongoing relationship development.

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Watch the trailer of Virgin River Season 4 here!

Virgin River Season 4

Melinda and Jack will both have to deal with uncertainty in the upcoming season, as the first teaser makes clear. Jack really wants to support Melinda. However, he struggles with the uncertainty of whether or not the child she is carrying is his. The first trailer makes us wonder if love can really overcome all obstacles. Because it will rock the couple’s relationship to its very foundation.

Virgin River Season 4

Annette O’Toole’s Hope is also there in the new trailer. The authors of Virgin River invented a vehicle wreck to account for Hope’s disappearance. Mainly because she belongs to an at-risk group during the shootings of Season 3. Hope is back in Season 4 and still coping with the accident-related brain injury.

Virgin River Season 4

Virgin River is by Sue Tenney and is based on a number of novels written by Robyn Carr. Tim Matheson, Daniel Gillies, Colin Lawrence, Jenny Cooper, Lauren Hammersley, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and Zibby Allen are also present in the show.

This July 20, Netflix will release all twelve of Virgin River’s Season 4 episodes. Season 4 of Virgin River should reveal how the plot will develop as it has already renewed early for Season 5.

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