UP Population Control Bill Draft: No Govt. Jobs For Those With More Than 2 Kids

Population Control Bill

Uttar Pradesh government may release the first draft of the Population Control Bill 2021 on World Population Day, i.e., 11th July. The draft has already invited resistance from the parties in opposition due to its controversial clauses. The Yogi Adityanath led UP government expects to control the state’s population by bringing in the draft of Population Control Bill, which may turn into the law if approved, next year. However, seeing the opposition from other parties, the future is not sure.

UP Population Control Bill Draft Proposes Bar On Contesting Elections,  Subsidy
Source: Live Law

The draft states that only those with two or fewer children can apply for government jobs in the state. The ones with two or more children would not also get promotion in their government jobs. Besides, all the government welfare schemes will also be limited only to families with two or less children. The opposition has said the move to be communal. Moreover, they have also questioned the timings of the draft. The UP state elections are no more than six months away. Hence, the opposition parties are pointing towards the play of communal politics from the state government.

Incentives And Disincentives Of The Population Control Bill

Justice A N Mittal, the Chairman of UP State Law Commission, shared that the bill proposes disallowing people with two or more children from standing in local body elections. Moreover, the bill also proposes to limit the ration card units to four.

UP में जनसंख्या नियंत्रण कानून लाने पर मंथन, कांग्रेस-सपा ने कहा- चुनाव से  पहले ध्यान भटकाने की कोशिश - up population control law planning in up yogi  govt cong sp angry -
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There are also rules to provide various benefits to the families following the rules of 2 children policy. They will get two additional increments in their government jobs. In addition. they will also be able to purchase plots and lands at a subsidised rate. Furthermore, they will also receive a 3% increase in the Employee Provident Fund under the provisions of the National Pension Scheme (NPS).

The bill also proposes to extend the two-child policy to non-government employees. Such families will receive rebates on water, electricity bills, house tax as well as home loans. Additionally, Mittal also shared that the bill aims to provide promotion to practices like vasectomy and sterilisation.

UP law panel examining feasibility of population control legislation -  India News
Source: India Today

This is not the final bill and only a draft. Besides, the government has also invited suggestions from the public. The last day to provide these suggestions and opinions is 19th July 2021. You can send your suggestion on [email protected]. One can find this bill on the official website of the UP law commission.

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