UAE Becomes the 5th Nation to Reach Mars


Feb 9th 2021 marked a new beginning for the Arab world. Breaking the typical Arab stereotypes of Camel, Shisha and Oil, there was new ‘Hope’ in the Emirates.

UAE being one of the young countries in the modern world has set an example to the world that nothing is impossible today. With sheer determination, hope, and knowledge, we can overcome our fears and weaknesses.

UAE’s Hope Mars Mission:

  • The First Muslim Country to Reach Mars:

UAE believes in science and how it will impact the world and humanity. Being adapted to the modern world, they achieved this laudable feat of becoming the first country in the Muslim world to reach Mars.

  • The Hope Mars Mission Team consisted of Engineers who averaged 27 years of age.
  • The Project Director for this mission is Mr Omran Sharaf and Sarah Al Amiri is the Deputy project manager for the mission.
  • UAE becomes the 5th nation to reach Mars after the US, Europe, Soviet Union, and  India.

  • All the famous landmarks lit up in red:

Burj khalifa, Burj Al Arab, the Museum of the Future, and the Dubai Frame. All these prominent landmarks lit up in red to mark the success of the mission.

How the Hope Probe entered Mars – The Technical details

The speed of the probe is around 120000 km/hr which has to be drastically reduced before entering Martian gravity. The braking engines must fire for a total of 27 minutes to safely orbit around Mars.

The total distance between Earth and Mars is around 190 million kilometers so any radio communication from Earth to Mars via deep space network takes a full 11 minutes. Any speed or trajectory maneuver has to be done 11 minutes in advance to reach the probe .

Why do scientists and world superpowers invest or explore Mars ?

Well, we are finding an alternative planet which will be suitable to save the human race from extinction in the future. In case the meteor which killed the dinosaurs comes back one day to haunt us all.


What’s the purpose of the UAE Mars Mission ?

The mission is tasked to provide the first ever picture of the Martian atmosphere. It will also study different aspects of the Martian atmosphere and its climate.


Surprise for Dubai residents on Tuesday:

To create hype and awareness around the Hope mission, the Emirates replicated the martian atmosphere in Dubai. By projecting two realistic moons over the Dubai skies, residents and citizens were baffled when they saw this spectacle in the Al Qudra region.

This realistic projection was created using new technology with two giant 100 metre cranes and a 40 metre giant screen to place the Martian moons ‘Phobos’ and ‘Deimos’ in the sky. 

The story first broke out similar to a UFO sighting which had us believe that a phenomenal sighting of another planet had occurred. It was only later that the real truth was revealed and everyone rejoiced about UAE’s successful conquering of the Martian atmosphere. 

The Mohammed Bin Rashid space centre wanted to give Dubai residents a first-hand view of the Martian skies, from the eyes of the Hope Probe.