Covid Vaccines: Taking Both Doses Help Decrease Deaths By 95%

Covid Vaccines

Covid vaccines are the only way forward in this fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The Indian Council of Medical Research, in their study, found out that two doses of the vaccine help in halting 95% of deaths due to the virus. Additionally, the study took place in Tamil Nadu involving a 1.2 lakh police members, who were at significant risk of catching the virus.

Besides, there has been a decrease by 82% in the number of deaths of those vaccinated with one dose of the covid vaccine. The study is of significance as it was taken when the delta variant had already started to spread its effects in the country. Moreover, the delta variant is a more transmissible variant of the covid-19 virus. It was the primary reason behind a large number of deaths in the country during the second wave.

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Covid Vaccine

However, the results of the study prove to be a source of light during times of darkness due to the casualties of the second wave. Dr. V.K. Paul, the health member at the Niti Aayog, presented the findings of this study by the ICMR on Friday. He also talked about the importance of wearing masks and getting vaccinations, and the study proves the same. Wearing masks and getting vaccinations has played an enormous role in preventing deaths and preventing infections of a greater intensity.

Covid Vaccines Are The Best Way For Protection Against The Virus

For the study, a total of 1,17,524 police personnel were taken into account by the ICMR. Out of those, 17,059 had taken no dose of vaccination. Additionally, the population of the ones who had taken both doses was the largest, with more than 67000 members.

According to the findings of the study, the death percentage amongst the unvaccinated per thousand of 1.17%. However, this percentage decreased significantly with the ones who received both doses. It was 0.06%. Additionally, it was 0.21% among those who had taken the single dose of the covid vaccine.

Dr. V K Paul, in the event, said on the importance of receiving vaccination. He said that vaccines present in the country are effective as well as efficient. Moreover, he also said that the vaccines are secure.

Currently, Covishield and Covaxin are the primary vaccines in use in the country. Moderna and Sputnik V vaccines are also into service in some areas. More than 40 crore population of the country has received at least one dose of the vaccines.

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