Tripling Season 3: The OG Siblings Are Back Under One Roof!

Tripling Season 3: The OG Siblings Are Back Under One Roof

Tripling Season 3 is here and the trio has returned, with a bang! Also, this time their problems are being caused by their parents, who are merely attempting to live their lives according to their rules. The separation of their parents puts the Triplings together under one roof and starts the dramatic ride.

The foundation of Tripling, which was built by the incredible TVF family, was that it catered to a novel narrative with an unusual dynamic in which the protagonist wasn’t romantically involved or engaged in retaliatory conflict. However, they were siblings attempting to navigate through life while unaware of the significance of their existence in one another’s lives. It resonated with people, and TVF scored another victory.

Tripling Season 3 begins similarly to the previous two seasons, with all three characters dispersed across the nation and having to work together to solve a single issue. The story was written by Arunabh Kumar and Sumeet Vyas, the screenplay was written by Arunabh, Sumeet, and Abbas Dalal, and the episode was directed by Neeraj Udhwani. This time, Vyas is most likely attempting to infuse some “tehrav” (stability) into the otherwise turbulent lives of his protagonists.

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They are not directly affected by the issue; rather, their parents are to blame. So their parts of the plot got lower emphasis except for Chitvan. Additionally, a large portion of it works because Chandan and Chanchal have had considerable screen time.

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Parents are the main focus, and they are written quite well. The parents’ voices and choices is something to look forward to. They very much characterize an old couple’s perspective of their relationship in a fresh way. Also are a good note to tap into even in the midst of the bothersome runtime and the hurry. When you love someone, you let them go rather than forcing yourself on them until one of you passes out. How skillfully Vyas handles Kumud and Shernaz’s roles is beautiful. Amazingly, the attempt was made to demonstrate that parents have lives outside of caring for and attending to their children.

The most joyous figure of all—and the one you least expect—Chitvan—is one that Vyas and his colleagues attempt to give a pathos to. You cry in his part of the story, and it’s the only time this season. As soon as he asks Baba for a hug, Nilotpal Bora’s heartfelt Patang tunes in. Moreover, you can see the most “Care Me Not” figure revealing his frailties. Since he is not his biological father, he is still fighting for custody. He also has a strained relationship with his parents. Personal conflicts are important no matter what, and the team examines that with Chitvan.

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