Women Empowerment: Tribal Women To Run E-Rickshaws In Kevadia

Tribal Women In Kevadia

As India aims to become an environment-friendly nation, the Gujarat government has gone a step ahead to ensure women’s empowerment. The Statue of Unity, the highest of its kind globally, is located in the Kevadia region, which is now on the verge of becoming an electric-only vehicles area. Additionally, the site is a tribal-dominated region in the Narmada district. The Narendra Modi-led government in India is making sure that women become self-reliant than before. And along with the Gujarat state government, it is ensuring that tribal women in Kevadia also get the opportunity to work.

Electric vehicles near the Statue of Unity make sure that the region remains pollution-free. Women will be running these e-rickshaws in the area, so they are getting more employment and earning opportunities.

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Gujarat Govt. Launch Pink-Coloured E-Rickshaws Which Tribal Women Will Run In Kevadia

For this purpose, the tribal women in the Kevadia colony are employed to run the electric rickshaws in the area.

These women are receiving proper practical training from the GMR Van Laxmi Foundation.

Additionally, approximately 60 women have received training already, and 45 have also obtained their licenses. Other than these 60 women, more than 200 women are getting an education in different fields of interest.

On 3rd September, pink-colored rickshaws were launched in the region in the presence of MLA Harsh Sanghavi and Gujarat BJP Chief CR Patil.

After these 60 women, 27 others are also receiving training on how to run an e-rickshaw.

The pink rickshaws show signs of women’s empowerment and how women are becoming financially independent. As times are changing, so is the need to change ourselves and our societies.

Electronic vehicles have become the need for the hour, as they enable in decreasing the pollution level. The different governments are coming together to make the country a more environmental-friendly region.

The tribal women in the Kevadia region are now getting more growth and earning opportunities. The success of eco-friendly tourism in the area and women empowerment will only come to the screen after some months. However, it is integral to look into the steps taken and applaud the women coming forward to become independent and live a better life than before.

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