4 Reasons Why Ukraine Was Popular Among Indians Before The Tragedy Struck

Travel to Ukraine

Ukraine is Europe’s second-largest country, bordering Russia on both the east and north sides. Ukraine is the epicentre of Eastern Europe’s culture, education, scientific, and industrial development. When visiting this lovely country, you will be treated to some spectacular cityscapes, including high-rise buildings, historic monuments. Also, travel to Ukraine means witnessing scenic natural landscapes. 

Ukraine is undoubtedly one of the ancient and nature lovers’ dream destinations.

Here are a few reasons why Ukraine was popular among Indians!

1. Affordable and Valuable Education 

Ukraine has gradually established itself as a key educational centre in Eastern Europe.

Low prices and also a simple entrance process, are the two elements that draw Indian students to Ukrainian colleges. 

Moreover, the cost of completing an MBBS in a Ukrainian medical college is less than half of what it costs in a private medical college in India. Sounds intriguing, no?

However, the future of thousands of medical students pursuing an MBBS in Ukraine appears gloomy. Mainly because of the ongoing conflict with Russia.

2. Abandoned Village of Chernobyl 

Tourists now flock to Chernobyl, Ukraine, three decades after a reactor at the power plant exploded in one of history’s worst nuclear disasters, drawn by the chance to see the epicentre of a disaster that captivated the world’s attention.

The majority of the area surrounding the decommissioned nuclear power plant is a wasteland of abandoned buildings, scrubland, and rubble. Moreover, all of the structures in Pripyat, a ghost town that formerly housed 50,000 people who were largely employed at the facility, need restoration.

3. Amazing Location 

The rest of Ukraine is safe to travel through, and there’s a lot to see and do. It’s often overlooked because of its troubles in the east. Moreover, not to add, it’s quite affordable! 

Ukraine is as far from touristy as you can go, with a distinct culture and a fascinating history. Moreover, beautiful cathedrals, Orthodox churches, old castles, lush forested slopes. Also, the Black Sea beaches are all worth seeing.

4. Tourism Purposes 

Ukraine is one of Europe’s largest countries, with plenty to see and do. Also, it enchants all types of foreign tourists. Additionally, from the stunning golden domes of Kiev to the summer heat on the Black Sea and local specialities.

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It is ideal for budget visitors due to the low cost of visiting and residing there. Moreover, planning a trip to Ukraine has never been easier, thanks to the ability to apply for a Ukrainian visa online in minutes.

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