Top 5 Youtube Series To Watch Without Any Subscription

Youtube series

Due to the Pandemic, the number of people who watch series has drastically increased. Few of us have Netflix, Prime accounts. Some of us use other accounts. But the rest of us don’t have any subscriptions. Online Piracy has risen 62% in March 2021 compared to February 2020. But there are so many shows which don’t require any kind of subscription for you to watch. So here are the Top 5 Youtube Series which doesn’t need any kind of subscription

1. Aspirants

This series is created by The Viral Fever also called TVF. The rating of this show is 9.7 IMDb. It showcases the struggles of IAS aspirants, how they go through social and family pressure. The character of Sandeep Bhaiya was so inspirational. The cast was perfectly chosen and has done a great job in acting. This series has just 5 episodes and one can binge watch it on YouTube during the weekend.

Youtube Series

2. Cubicles

A perfect series that depicts the life of Software Engineers. This series is also one of TVF’s creations. It’s the story of Piyush who had just graduated from an Engineering college and how he takes time to adjust to corporate life. It will bring you back your memories from the first days of your job life or it will show you how your career will be if you are still a student. It’s a sweet series of 5 episodes and is a good one to binge-watch on YouTube.

Youtube Series

3. Operation MBBS

It’s a story of three first-year students and about their life in one of the best MBBS colleges in the country. We can see how they deal with their hardships and their medical life. This series is by Dice Media. All the medical students will relate to the situations shown in this series. The rest of us will understand what it takes to become a doctor. There are two seasons in this show on YouTube. You can watch this 10 episode series on a weekend when you have no other plans.

Youtube Series

4. Kota factory

This series has a special place in the hearts of all students who took up science after 10th. JEE and NEET aspirants really have a hard time. This story is set in Kota also called as Coaching hub of India. This is a place where all the IIT and NEET aspirants come with so many dreams. But not all are able to get what they need. The struggle, pressure, and exhaustion of students are showcased so well. The perfect cast makes the YouTube series even better.

5. Pitchers

A series based on Entrepreneurship. It shows us how important friendships are. How taking risks sometimes will be worth it. It depicts most of our lives, like how unhappy we are with our 9-5 jobs. It tells about pursuing one’s dream and not being held back. Watching this series gives a sense of joy and makes us rethink our life’s decisions. This series has only 5 episodes and you can watch it on Youtube.

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