Top 5 Places In India That Remind You Of International Dream Destinations

Dream Destinations india

India is a place of Dream Destinations. It’s a country with a rich heritage along with rich flora and fauna. India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The country witnesses rich snowfall and also has rainforests. It is home to many rivers and has many waterfalls too. Meanwhile, the Thar desert is the world’s 9th-largest hot subtropical desert. Also, we have the finest architectural and beautiful ghats. India is home to the largest tiger reserve too. Here are the Top 5 places in India that are no less than International dream destinations.

Places In India that resemble Dream Destinations

1. Nainital

The Himalayan Resort Town is located in Uttarakhand. Also known as “Lake City Of India”, its a heaven for all nature lovers. The “Naini Lakes” is also called the Queen of Lakes. The shape of this lake is similar to the Lake District in England. The pleasant weather and amazing view make Nainital one of the most favorite hill stations in India.

2. Rann of Kutch

Want to see Bonneville Salt Flats in America? But this place is even better. Its an inland from the sea, you can also tell it is cracked earth. This area was actually the Arabian Sea. But a constant geological shift led to the closing of its connection with the sea. Now it’s a marshy salt desert. It also has the reputation of being the largest salt desert in the world.

3. Gulmarg

Also known as Switzerland Of India, Gulmarg is one of the most visited destinations in Kashmir. It is one of the most popular places to ski in India. Gulmarg during snowfall, is a treat to the eyes. History says almost 21 varieties of wild flowers were collected by Jahangir, the Mugal Emperor in this city. This place is famous for winter sports. The sports include snowboarding, skiing and tobogganing.

4. Pondicherry

It’s the little France of India. One can see the legacy in the French Quarter. There are tree-lined streets, mustard-colored colonial villas and chic boutiques. It’s a beautiful weekend getaway destination from Chennai. It is one of the seven Union territories of India. It’s a perfect mixture of Indian and French architecture, so it’s an offer to escape to two different countries at the same place.

5. Gandikota

Whenever someone talks about the Grand Canyon, we remember the Indian Version of it. It’s a small village in Andra Pradesh which has a beautiful gorge formed by the river Pennar. The river cuts through Erramala hills. Gandikota fort is one of the attractions of this place. It is also known as the Arizona of India.

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