Top 5 Movies That Portray Friendship Well

friendship movies

We don’t choose our parents or siblings, but we do choose our friends. Sometimes they are the ones who understand what we are going through. Especially in Brown Households, where elders are quite dominating, they fail to understand what their children are feeling. In such times, it’s our friends who make us feel better. Finding the right set of friends will make your life a lot better. There are numerous Bollywood Movies that depict friendship. So here are the Top 5 Movies that portray Friendship well.

Movies That Made us Miss our Friends

1. Dil Chahta Hai

This movie started the Goa Trend. It’s about three close friends who went to the same college but are now on different paths in life. The year they graduated, all three of them go to Goa to Celebrate. They take a vow to meet each other every year at a spot by the sea. The movie was directed by Farhan Akhtar. ” Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe” is still very nostalgic. You can find it on Netflix.

friendship movies dil chahta hai

2. Queen

It showcases female friendship beautifully. It’s a story revolving around Rani whose dreams are shattered by her fiance who disagrees to marry her a day before her wedding. She goes on her pre-booked honeymoon to Amsterdam all by herself. She meets Vijayalakshmi and then the movie progresses. The friendship they have is so selfless and pure. What they have is rare and something we all must find in our life.

friendship movies queen kangana ranaut

3. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Many of the viewers felt that this movie was similar to Dil Chahta Hai. This movie is based on 3 childhood friends who make plans to go to Spain. Meanwhile, on this trip so many things happen. They explore their fears, meet their love, and even one of them finally meets his biological father. This is one of the movies which made road trips with friends very popular.

zindagi na milegi dobara

4. Three Idiots

This movie introduced many of us to engineering life. It taught us to understand that few friendships are meant for a lifetime. It’s a passionate story of three friends who have completely different family backgrounds. Their hassles to find what they want, helping a friend to follow his passion, looking for one another are some of the things which we learned from this movie

3 idiots

5. Chhichhore

Perfect portrayal of hostel life in college. This movie is a flashback of college life when Raghav’s son commits suicide. They dive into a trip to memory lane recalling the moments with his other 5 friends. Despite being involved in their life, all five of them come to meet Raghav. Their bonding, sticking to one another, trust, and optimism is something we must carry from this movie.


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