Top 5 Highway Dhabas In India For Lip-Smacking Food

Highway Dhabas in India

One of the finest parts of any road trip in India is stopping at a Dhaba. Sitting and eating delectable butter chicken, aloo paratha, makke di roti, and malai lassi. These roadside cafés, known in India as dhabas, don’t have expensive furnishings or modern décor. Moreover, they have the authenticity and taste in their food which is served at these little establishments. Additionally, there are so many highway dhabas in India that it is hard to count!

Dhabas began as a method to serve truck workers who were spending long periods away from home. But now, they have grown into a much larger organisation. Food is served on traditional charpais (cots) in some of these Indian dhabas, and meals are generally made with earthen utensils, which adds to the flavour. 

If you’re driving down one of India’s major highways, don’t forget to pull over and enjoy a lunch at one of these amazing highway Dhabas in India!

#1 Amrik Sukhdev 

It began as a conventional dhaba, but the Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba quickly became well-known (thanks to its exquisite north Indian dishes). Now, it was transformed into a luxurious air-conditioned dhaba. The establishment is well-kept, and it serves a variety of delectable parathas with a dollop of butter on top.

#2 Haveli

Another popular dhaba near Delhi is Haveli, which is well-known among the residents. Haveli is more than just delicious food! They have special shows prepared on weekends, ensuring that you have a good time. The paratha and dal makhani are popular among the regulars. They can wash it all down with a glass of lassi. Moreover, find G T Road, Karnal and you’ll be on your way to the ideal dhaba experience!

#3 Sunny Da Dhaba 

The Sunny Da Dhaba is located on the Pune-Lonavala highway. Most of the time, the place is busy, and you’ll be amazed by the rustic appeal of this small eatery. The dhaba is a shabby tin-shed roadside café with long, elaborately adorned tables that offer delectable Indian food.

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#4 Tadka 

Located on NH-24, Gajraula, Tadka is known for its Daal with Tandoori Roti and Dry Tandoori Paratha. Both of these dishes are served with butter and pickles. You may rest assured that your time at this dhaba will revive and replenish your soul in preparation for the voyage ahead.

#5 Old Rao Dhaba

The Old Rao Hotel in Dharuhera, known for its home-style thalis, has long been a must-stop for travellers heading to Jaipur. The meal here is high in desi ghee and will appeal to your desi palate from the first bite. From paneer dishes and chana to butter chicken and yellow dal, the restaurant has everything you need!

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