Top 5 Cafes In India With Scenic Views

Top 5 Cafes In India With Scenic View

Isn’t going to a restaurant solely to eat too mainstream? At least, that’s what the rise of theme-based, inventive concept cafes tell us. While the trend has been around for a few years, its steady expansion has demonstrated how people are now seeking out different experiences. Now, that’s where travel comes in. Moreover, there are plenty of good cafes in India.

After all, that is what travel is all about! Most of us would say “experiences.” To meet and affirm our confidence in people through meeting do-gooders, conversationalists, and lively strangers on the road. We know how important your journey is when you’re on the road, and these cafes in India have just the ambience you’re looking for. 

1. Bon Appetit 

Bon Appetit, one of India’s highest cafes, is located south of Changspa Road in Leh and is the solution to a weary traveller’s wishes. A well-chosen meal, minimalist Ladakhi architecture, and wonderstruck travellers exposing their hearts to you.

Location: Changspa Road, Leh

Source: Trip Advisor

2. The Lazy Dog

The Lazy Dog will capture your eye on the drive upward in Old Manali, away from the touristy pandemonium of Manali. It’s the most visually stunning cafe in the region thanks to the big graffiti. This is arguably the best place in Old Manali to catch some decent cuisine and nice vibes, with drum circles and travelling musicians performing virtually every day.

Location: Old Manali

Source: LBB

3. Cafe Lakeside

If you are in Nainital and want to enjoy Naini lake with delicious food, you must visit this place ‘café lakeside. You can sit and enjoy the lake view with delicious food. A must-go place in Nainital, the cafe promises a plethora of cousins. Besides, you can also treat your tongues with freshly baked patisserie.

Location: Mall Road, Nainital

Source: Trip Advisor

4. Gatty’s

Set up in 2012, Gatty is known for its western cuisine at a medium price. The place is not just a cafe but is also famous for its art and music space. If you are a trekker, you will automatically fall in love with it. While it is famous for its western food, you will also find many local tourists. This is because the cafe prepares delicacies not common to the town. 

It has a soothing and calm ambience and sometimes, you can even listen to jazz music. The place is well-known for its Italian cuisine, Arabic platter and many more. So, now if you head to Darjeeling, you know where to have a good time.

Location: Darjeeling

Source: Trip Advisor

5. Namaste Cafe

Also known as the pioneer of the tourism industry in Gokarna, Namaste Cafe was unofficially initiated in 1984. While it used to be a dal chawal snack, the place is now famous for its wide variety of cuisines. The place is located at the beautiful Om Beach. Moreover, it promises delicious food with spectacular views. 

Location: Gokarna

Source: Trip Advisor

After reading about these beautiful cafes with splendid scenic views, you now know where to head to once you are in these places.

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