Top 5 Breathtaking Waterfalls In India

Waterfalls In India

We don’t know what heaven looks like. If Heaven exists on earth, then it’s those places with waterfalls. It’s so charismatic. There is something about the waterfalls, that makes us not look away. Maybe, the water falling from such a huge height, or those droplets splashing on you after it hits the rocks below. Meanwhile, diving into the pool of water just below is one moment which is never enough to describe. Trekking all the way to reach the top or bottom of a waterfall is an experience worth a lifetime. India is a land of many Breathtaking Waterfalls. So here is a travel guide for you for best the Waterfalls in India.

Top 5 Waterfalls In India

Athirappilly Falls

Athirapally waterfall emerges from the beautiful Chalakudy River. Athirapally is the largest Waterfall Present in Kerala. It is almost 80 feet tall which is quite impressive. You can reach the waterfalls by hiking into off-road terrain along with some steps in between. The hike will not take more than 10 minutes before we reach the River. As soon as we cross the stream, we can see the base of the falls which is just 50 meters away.

Waterfall In India
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Jog Falls

Jog falls is a classic example of what heaven looks like. Lush Green Forest around it makes it even better. Jog Falls is Asia’s second-highest waterfall. The river Sharavathy is the source of this waterfall. The river divides itself into four different streams. The fun fact is that these streams are named. They are called Raja, Rani, Roarer & Rocket. River Sharavathy is also dammed by the Linganamkki dam. The Water in Jog falls is a result of dam water release. Due to this water, volume is thin in other seasons except for the monsoon. There are more than 1000 steps constructed to go down to the pool of the fall. It’s advised not to go as it has a high chance of risks.

Waterfall In India
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Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls is one of the tallest Waterfall in India. It is located inside Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. The waterfall is originated from The River Mandovi. Meanwhile, one can visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa through a trek via the railway tracks. Also, It is one of the best getaway places from the cities like Banglore, Bombay, and Pune.

Waterfall In India
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Hogenakal Falls

It’s a perfect weekend getaway place for all the people who work in Banglore. The Hogenakal falls are found in Tamil Nadu between the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu and the Chamrajnagar district of Karnataka. The hanging bridge is yet another famous location where you get a spectacular view of the waterfall. There is a coracle ride station. People wearing blue color shirts are official coracle riders of Hogenakkal falls. Coracle ride takes you through the falls. You will also be taken to the Karnataka Tamilnadu border through the Kavery River.  Coracle ride is an activity at Hogenakkal waterfalls that you can never miss.

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Shivanasamudra Falls

This waterfall is located at a distance of 130 km from the city of Bengaluru and is in the Mandya district. There are several parallel streams forming adjacent to each other. The source of this waterfall is the river Cauvery. This is also called a Twin waterfall as it divides into two segments of Gaganchukki and Bharachukki. There are a group of ancient temples which are located near the waterfalls.

image credits: NativePlanet
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