Top 5 Affordable Beach View Stays In South Goa For Your Next Trip!

Affordable beach stays in south Goa

South Goa is India’s tropical tourism attraction, stretching 86 kilometers north to south and 40 kilometers east to west. South Goa provides you with more than simply a place to visit; it provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Tourists travel from all over the country and beyond to enjoy the coconut and palm-tree-lined beaches, beach shacks, pubs and nightlife, and the nicest and most distinctive locations to stay in South Goa. South Goa isn’t all about parties and pubs, though. If you’re looking for some of the most amazing and affordable beach stays in South Goa, we’ve got you covered!

Live in South Goa like a guest and be pampered if you choose to stay in a resort, hotel, or a homestay and experience South Goa as if it’s your own house. This is a destination that must be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Check out these five affordable beach stays in south Goa!

#1 Art Resort, Palolem 

The most unusual and funky beach huts in Palolem are Art Resort and Art Prive, which are located on the south side of Palolem beach. The bright, distinctively built cottages include a European mattress in the bedroom, a tiny living area, air conditioning, and wonderful wooden decks out front with sun loungers and billowing white drapes — some even have boat-shaped spas on the balcony!

Price: ₹2500-3000

#2 Palm Beach Lifestyle

The greatest place to stay in Palolem is Cozy Nook, which is located on the quiet and spacious north end of the beach. These rustic, incredibly charming, and comfortable huts stand out from the crowd because they feature two levels: a downstairs bedroom with funky hand-painted Rajasthani furniture, an open-air ensuite bathroom, and a shaded chill-out area, and a balcony above with loungers and sea views.

Price: ₹1000-1500

#3 Dersy Cottages 

Inacino and Maria Fernandes founded Dersy Beach Resort in 1985, named after their daughter “Dersy.” Dersy Bar & Restaurant was the original name, however, it was later changed to Dersy Beach Resort. Dersy Beach Resort is made up of two different properties: Dersy Cottages and Dersy Holiday Home. They began constructing the basic bamboo houses on the beachfront in 1990, which are now known as Dersy cottages.

Price: ₹500-1500

#4 Eldfra Guest House 

The Agonda beach is only a 1-minute walk away from the eldfra guest house. Moreover, the property owners are quite accommodating, and it is one of the most tranquil places to unwind. From the top of the structure, you can watch the gorgeous sunset. Additionally, if you’re searching for a family-friendly resort, this is it!

Price: ₹350-500 

Check the exact location here!

#5 Secret Garden 

Located in Columb Bay, between Patnem and Palolem, a short walk to either beach is a lovely experience. Secret Garden Resort has a collection of eco-friendly cottages with kitchen facilities and basic amenities to ensure a pleasant stay in the midst of beautiful nature.

Price: ₹900-1000 

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