6 Tips to make Friends with Benefits a Success

Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits can become one of the most complicated relations if not handled well. A relationship that starts with only physical relations without the promise of pressuring each other into an emotional connection can quickly become a disaster if one partner falls in love. Hence, both persons must take care of their boundaries and make rules that they should follow while being friends with benefits. While making rules and creating boundaries don’t ensure that they will not fall in love with each other, or one may start getting too involved in another’s life, it can still be helpful. 

Things To Avoid For Successful Friends With Benefits Relationship

1. Try To Avoid Having Emotional Attachments

Do not start building emotions for your friends with benefits partner. Additionally, developing emotional attachments can hurt you if your feelings are not reciprocated. Hence, avoid having any emotional attachment.

2. Do Not Cuddle

Friends With Benefits

Cuddling and hugging each other regularly can make you feel closer to them than you actually are. Besides, cuddling can lead to building emotions that can be more about love. Besides, it can also be about making something more than just physical relations. These feelings can make you feel bad if your friends with benefit person do not want to do anything apart from a physical connection.

3. Be Clear About Your Boundaries


As mentioned earlier, be clear about your boundaries. Also, talk to them about these rules and boundaries and make sure that you stick to them. If you are certain of your limitations and about when not to move ahead of a line, you will be able to keep a distance from them and have a successful relationship.

4. Avoid Upsetting Over Them If They End Up Dating Someone


It may be the case that your friends with benefits get into a relationship. Do not get upset over such petty things. Move ahead with your life, and do not fuss over the same. 

5. Try To Avoid Intimacy

Friends With Benefits

Talking about yourself a lot and sharing precious moments of your life can increase intimacy. Avoid intimacy at all costs, and only try to be in a physical relationship with them. Since they are still technically your friend, you should refrain from talking about overly intimate details about your life like your emotional baggage, a possible crush you have on someone else, or details about what you want your dream wedding to be like.

6. Do Not Introduce Them To Your Friends


Introducing them to your friends can complicate things between your partner and you. Hence, do not introduce them to your friends, or you may end up believing that you can have something special with them, while the case may not be true.

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