The rise and rise of Ashish Vidyarthi

Ashish vidyarthi

Anyone who’s anyone who grew up watching Bollywood movies can never forget the most formidable villain of all time. Ashish Vidyarthi who mostly played the corrupt and dangerous cop gave us some of the most scariest characters to remember him as. But who is the real Ashish Vidyarthi? Haunted by the same question, he refused to be defined by this perception and superficial image of himself in the minds of the Indian audience. Thanks to his very popular YouTube channel, we get to see the real Ashish Vidyarthi in all his raw appeal. And it was a very pleasant surprise to see a happy, hearty personality beneath all that rough hewn and negative image that he had harboured from working in mainstream movies.

Ashish Vidyarthi’s heart-warming journey of self discovery

In one of his videos, Ashish Vidyarthi shared the story of how his creative flair and his passion for his craft were suffering because of the same role or character which was being repeatedly handed over to him. It forced him to ask himself who he truly was. And whether he was going to let this image of himself overrule and define the rest of his career.

A wholesome YouTube channel

In his journey of self-discovery, he realised that the world of art was not limited to mainstream cinema. Ashish discovered numerous opportunities for gigs on OTT platforms that were more fulfilling but didn’t necessarily come with the glamour quotient. He slowly felt more freer to show himself as he really was on his YouTube channel. He started sharing food blogs, and vlogs of his personal life. His videos started getting popular and today Ashish Vidyarthi has 1.4 million subscribers. Most of his videos show his perspectives and insights on life. And it’s hard to believe that this is the same unnecessarily violent cop/bad guy that we grew up watching.

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