The Rice Bucket Challenge – food donations during lockdown for the needy

rice bucket challenge

The ‘ice bucket challenge’ had taken social media by storm not too long ago. We are all too familiar with that memory. It was aimed at raising awareness about ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that impairs nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The ice bucket challenge quickly turned into a viral internet fad and a nuisance. However, a great initiative called the ‘rice bucket challenge’ is in the news once again.

This time, there are no silly stunts with buckets of ice water. Rice bucket challenge is an NGO and an online platform. It was started by Manjulatha Kalanidhi, a woman from Hyderabad. She is tirelessly helping society during its worst crisis, Covid.

manjulatha kalanidhi
In Frame : Manjulatha Kalanidhi

A much-needed cause during Covid

The second wave of Covid has been very hard on the middle-class population of India. The lower-middle-class citizens have sunk below the throes of poverty. It’s something they’ve never done in their life. Mind you, the middle class is a very hardworking and self-reliant lot in the country. Covid related disruptions like job losses, pay cuts, and exorbitant medical fees, have made it tough for people to pay for their everyday food essentials.

food kit
Food Relief Kit

What is the “Rice Bucket Challenge”?

The Rice bucket challenge is helping Indians who are suffering due to the lack of bare necessities. Rice bucket challenge accepts requests on social media from people who need daily and monthly ration of food supplies and other necessities. Its bridging the gap between people with an excess of supplies and those with a shortage of grocery items.

Rice Bucket Challenge is distributing grocery and food supplies through the following distribution network:

  • An online network on Facebook
  • Teaming up with ‘Donatekart’, a crowdfunding platform
  • On-ground partner NGOs for physical distribution. 

Rice Bucket Challenged started off as a Facebook challenge. People cooked or bought a bucket full of rice for needy people in their locality.

Covid help for people who lost their livelihood

Contributions have been pouring in bulk from kind-hearted citizens who support the cause. And the numbers are in hundreds of kilograms of food staples like rice, dal, cooking oil, tea powder, and more.

Recipients benefiting from the Rice Bucket Challenge

Before Covid, a number of small businesses, daily wage workers, and salaried employees were doing well for themselves. Performing arts groups, party event performers, music bands, wedding planners, organisers, middle-class families were earning a decent monthly pay. They also spent good money on vacations and family functions.

Understanding the pulse of those in need

The Rice Bucket Challenge is more of a support measure. They must identify the needs of people who may hesitate to ask for help. They are doing a tremendous job during these tough times when silent sufferers don’t know where to ask for help..

Carefully and neatly packaged monthly rations are delivered to doorsteps free of charge for countless families, communities, and individuals.

A sincere and honest NGO

Rice Bucket Challenge is a registered NGO with records and documentation which hands out receipts for every donation made on their online network. They are doing sincere and honest work of ensuring that every donation reaches its recipient.

A phenomenal development has occurred in relation with initiatives like the Rice Bucket Challenge. Indians are donating to their fellow citizens magnanimously. This is a reflection of the increasing empathy and awareness we have to each other’s struggles during the pandemic.

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