The Batman Trailer: Robert Pattinson All Set To Take Over DC Legacy

The Batman Trailer: Robert Pattinson All Set To Take Over DC Legacy

DC Universe is all set for its new upcoming Batman movie with a brand new actor to play their legendary character. Fans had mixed reactions when they found out that Robert Pattinson is going to play the character of Batman in the upcoming movie. But the trailer made it clear that Pattinson is the man for the job. The trailer brought satisfaction to the entire fandom when it was released. Zack Snyder himself said that the trailer was awesome. Twitter was flooded with clips from the trailer which fans loved the most. Everyone praised the actor’s performance in the trailer. Overall the reaction to the brand new Batman Trailer was warm and welcoming.

Cast and Overview

Zoë Kravitz batman

Like many of you already know, Robert Pattinson is playing the character of Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire socialite who protects the city of Gotham. The role of Catwoman will be played by none other than Zoë Kravitz. Also, Paul Dano is portraying the role of Riddler. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Wright will be playing the role of James Gordon who is an ally of Batman. Andy Serkis is Alfred Pennyworth who is Batman’s mentor and Colin Farrell is Penguin. This movie is being directed by Matt Reeves. It is said that the character of Batman will be slightly different than what we have seen in earlier movies.

Release Date and what to expect

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The trailer seemed like this movie is going to showcase the early days of Batman. It showed us a glimpse of Batman when he was a vigilante. He was more focused on vengeance rather than serving justice. The cinematography, the atmosphere, the cast, the music makes the trailer a perfectly balanced one. The trailer intensifies in the end and netizens can’t stop talking about the ending. The background score of the trailer was incredible. Michael Giacchino did an excellent job with the music. It is said that the movie is going to be 3 hours long. Also, the events take place during Halloween. This movie is going to release in March 2022. It is said that it will have two more sequels. We all are really excited to see Pattinson playing the character of Batman and Zoe playing Catwoman.

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