Still Using Tinder? Try These Queer Dating Apps For LGBTQ+ In India

LGBTQ+ in India

Gone are the days when police used to track ‘gay gangs’ or trace people on online chatrooms, and book them under IPC Section 377. These things have forced LGBTQ+ in India underground for a long time. Despite the fact that homosexuality is no longer illegal, the group stays hidden and dating remains difficult. 

Since cruising in secret locations is no longer safe, accessible, or essential, here are five dating apps for LGBTQ+ in India.

#1 Grindr

According to one online survey, Grindr, a pioneer among LGBTQ dating apps, is the most extensively used gay dating app on the planet right now. It has over three-quarters of unmarried homosexual males using it. It has reached this level as a result of strong networking, despite the fact that resources are still scarce. 

#2 Scruff

Scruff is a bisexual dating app that allows you to search for persons in your area or even thousands of kilometres away. Scruff’s Venture option, which is packed with useful features, also allows you to search for members from renowned trip places. While you can swipe profiles to your liking, the app also keeps track of and filters profiles on your homepage based on your preferences. 

#3 As You Are (AYA)

The app is available in English and has received 5268 downloads to date. Initially, the algorithm functioned in such a way that we would give matches based on the user’s LGBTQ orientation. One can now choose the gender they want to date from a larger range of options. The user now has more control over the algorithm.

#4 OkCupid

OkCupid, which first launched as a dating site in 2004 and then as a dating app in 2012, embraces people of all genders and sexual identities. The app includes fun quizzes, compatibility questions, and match-percentage features, among other things. 

Recently, the app has expanded to include polyamorous couples, allowing users to openly seek out several partners.

#5 The Delta App 

The Delta app is India’s first home-grown LGBTQIA+ dating app, and it welcomes people of all genders. 

Users can send requests to others as sparks through the app. 

Once the user on the other end accepts the request, they can begin trading messages. 

It also assigns a ‘trust score’ to accounts based on how much personal data users provide with the app.

Recently, a new local project for the queer community has emerged. Tinder and Gaysi Family collaborated on the Museum of Queer Swipe Stories, an archive project that aims to illustrate the intricacies of queer dating. It might be intimidating to enter the dating scene, especially as a gay person. 

Representing these amusing, seemingly casual, and blooming loves in all of their multifaceted glory can serve as a defining catalyst for our changing perspectives of LGBT love. 

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