Squid Games Season 2 Confirmed And What To Expect?

Squid Games Season 2 Confirmed And What To Expect?

Recently Netflix show Squid Games became fan popular and the internet was filled with its talks and memes. Being a non-English show, it gained popularity a lot more than expected. Some of the netizens thought it seemed like a rip-off of Hunger Games. Meanwhile, most of the others loved the storyline, acting, and cinematography. The series was released on the 17th of September, 2021. Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk also said that the fans have left them with no choice for a Season 2. Fans all over the world have been asking about season 2. The love this show has received is adorable.

How Did Squid Game Gain Popularity?

Squid Game became an overnight sensation on Netflix. The series was available in almost 31 languages and dubbed in another 13. This made the show very accessible which made the fan base grow. #SquidGame was viral all over Twitter and TikTok with almost 22.8 billion views. There were many filters similar to the games shown in the series. Games such as Red Light Green Light, Sugar Honeycombs were used as reels. This made the series go viral which made others watch the series too. The raw acting and amazing plot were enough for the series to gain popularity and love.

What To Expect in Squid Game Season 2?

Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has confirmed to do Squid Games season 2. Also, he said the fans have left him with no choice. He also mentioned that the script or the storyline isn’t ready as of now. There are some ideas and he is currently trying to plan the process. Even tho Hwang has confirmed, Netflix is yet to announce season 2 officially. Most of the fans are hoping for Gi-hun’s story to continue. He might search for previous winners and try to close the multinational death game. In season 1 we understood that there are deadly games taking place all over the world where rich people use players as their pawns. Pressure on the makers is really huge now as this series has become a global sensation. Let’s see what the makers have for us but we are waiting for Squid Games season 2 with utmost curiosity.

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