Spiderman No Way Home: Is It Going To Be Bigger Than End Game?

Spiderman No Way Home: Is It Going To Be Bigger Than End Game?

Marvel and Sony have released Spiderman No Way Home new trailer. It has created a storm on the Internet. As most of the fans had already predicted we are going to see villains from previous spiderman movies. Most of us have grown up watching these movies. The first Spiderman movie was released in 2002 with Tobey Maguire playing the lead role and Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin. We got to see Andrew Garfield playing the role of Spiderman in 2012. Fans are hoping to see Tobey and Andrew on screen with Tom Holland. The storyline of this movie is going to begin with Doctor Strange trying to help Peter. He will be helping clean up the mess Mysterio did in the movie ‘Far From Home’. Meanwhile this ends ups causing a multiverse trauma.

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The Visitors From Every Universe

We can’t keep up with Multiverse Madness. After what we witnessed in Loki and Wanda Vision, this movie is going to raise our excitement to another level. We are going to see Green Goblin, Electro and Sandman. Meanwhile fans are expecting to see Sinster 6. But we didn’t see them all in the trailer. There are speculations that we will be seeing Andrew and Tobey in this movie. Allthough we didn’t spot them in the trailer, we are hoping to see them in this movie. Also, fans are saying that they were edited out from the trailer. So as Doctor Strange said they have visitors from every universe, let it include these two too. This movie will definitely bring back our childhood nostalgia.

Future Of MCU

Future of spiderman

Now we are convinced that Marvel’s Phase 4 is more of Multiverse. We saw it in Loki and we also witnessed few incidents in Wanda Vision. Spiderman: No way Home is going to be final edition of this Spiderman franchise. All of us are really excited to see the old cast in this brand new movie. Doctor Strange in one of the fan favourite characters and him being part of the movie makes it even better. The question lying ahead of us is will Peter be able to handle it? Will he fight the Sinster 6 alone or will other spidermans give him a hand. Only Marvel and Sony can answer the questions now.

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