Social Media Platforms Asked To Remove Fake Profiles Within 24 Hours

Social Media Profile

Social media platforms have become a significant part of our everyday lives. We tend to spend a lot of our time on these platforms. These platforms are great ways to have conversations as well as to learn the whereabouts. However, just like everything, social media platforms, too, have their cons. We see many fake profiles on different social media platforms that are no less than havoc for the users. Such profiles aim to defame people and disturb them mentally. 

To not let such incidents happen, the Government of India has come up to act on such fake profiles. 

The IT Ministery has asked social media platforms to remove these fake profiles within 24 hours of the report by the user or their known ones. These new steps come under the new IT rules set up by the government. Besides, this rule is not only for celebrities but also for the public.

The dictat of the IT Ministery is responsible for addressing any grievances from the users. They will then mandate the more prominent firms to take any actions regarding such grievances.  

Social Media Profiles And Impersonation

The act of impersonation is not new on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We often see fake profile profiles of various stars, sportsperson, politicians, etc. Therefore any action in this direction will make it better for the users to have a safe space.

An official said, as quoted by Times of India said, “For example, if a known film actor, or a cricketer, or a politician, or any other user, objects to another person using their image/picture to gain followers or to make their messaging more visible, or to carry out any illegal activity, then they are within their right to ask the companies to take down the account. Provision to this effect has been included in the new IT Rules for social media companies and they have to take remedial action within a day after being notified by a user.”  

We see various fake accounts of famous personalities that have more followers than their personal accounts. These profiles will now have to face action and strict consequences. 

Social media platforms are the need for the hour. However, these platforms have been in the mainstream news for no good reason during the last few days. The new IT Rules are proving no less than a challenge for the different platforms. It is compulsory for all social media platforms with more than 50 lakh users to comply with the new IT rules. 

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