Karnataka’s Madikeri woke up to Snowy Roads last week – SaltSnap unravels the mystery!

coorg hailstorm

Snowy roads are unheard of in southern Karnataka. But when the rain gods make an appearance here every year, they like to announce their arrival in style. Especially since the past few years, climate change has really changed the way we experience the monsoons.

It’s no longer cool, refreshing rain showers that we get anymore but lashing, thundering, fiery rainstorms that often leave places flooded, or cause unusual events like yesterday, when parts of Madikeri (Coorg) of Karnataka looked unrecognisable after roads and pathways were covered in what looked like inch-thick snow. 

In fact, we did a double take on hearing that some area in Karnataka had experienced snowfall. But before we unravel the mystery of the snowy Madikeri roads, we want to tell you what happened on Friday the 19th.


Did it really snow in Karnataka Last week?

It was a gloomy morning back in Mangaluru (137 kilometres away approx.) This is always a cause of concern because a cloudy Mangalorean sky spells trouble not just for our vegetable garden but also for our clothes happily soaking the bright hot Mangalorean suns.

Just then, I noticed a few rainflies making their presence known (Hell, I even got bitten by one earlier in the day) as they buzzed about, and our suspicions were confirmed. It was going to rain like a b**ch!!


But just then news broke that Bengaluru was raining and we calmed down. It was probably a stray cloud or two from over there that was making the Mangaluru skies gloomy. 

The mystery unravelled:

And then we heard the inevitable. It had snowed somewhere!? At first it sounded ridiculous, but sure enough the messenger reporting this story himself revealed the truth of what happened.

It was a hailstorm!!! Which was so strong that the roads of Shanivarasanthe, Madikeri were covered in at least an inch of hail snow. Soon, stunning pictures of the same started doing the rounds of the Internet and some of the absolute best shots showed up on news portals.

We thought we’d share some of the very best with you for our snap section. Enjoy!