Small Hut to IIM Ranchi: Watchman becomes IIM Professor – Viral Post

Night watchman to IIM Professor

Inspirational Facebook Post becomes Viral

For today’s viral story, we have a Facebook post by Ranjit R Panathur. An assistant IIM Professor, this FB user shared an image of a tiny little hut. A regular Facebook user, Ranjith’s post suddenly went viral because of the story that was attached as a caption to the image.

Mr. Ranjit R Panathur shared a long story abut this tiny little house which has a thatched roof, brick walls, and no front door. The story is written in Malayalam but a lot of news portals like Indiatoday picked it up.


Facebook Translate read that this man was born in this house. He also grew up there, and still lives there apparently.

What is incredible about this story is that he has stated (referring to himself) that an IIM asst. professor was born there which he thinks is incredible.

The size of your home doesn’t decide the impact of your capabilities!

Expressing his happiness, he goes on to share his story of being born in this house to joining Ranchi. Intended as  an inspirational story, he says that if he can inspire someone else, it would be success on his part.

ranjith house

At one point in his schooling, Ranjith wanted to give up studies because of his environment. But then, he immediately got a job as Night Security at the Panathur Telephone Exchange. Although this wasn’t the best news, it certainly was the best thing to happen at the time since getting a job at night allowed him to study in the daytime.

This job acted as a catalyst that restarted his education.  

Every job is valuable

Working as Night Security is often looked down upon by society and this sequence of events just goes to show how every job is valuable and no job is lesser than another.

The story goes on to share his tryst with different educational institutions that helped him grow and taught him new things.

Finally, when Ranjith reaches the gates of IIT which looked like a strange and big place he felt lonely and out of place. The reason being that he was afraid of speaking the only language he did, Malayalam.

Overcoming language barriers

Ranjith’s insecurities led him to leave his PhD halfway.

But soon something brilliant happened when he found a mentor in Dr. Subash. This man acted as a Mentor, guided and convinced him to change his decision of leaving his PhD unfinished. Eventually, he was motivated and inspired to recontinue his studies.

What this story conveys

Ranjith wanted to convey through his post that his journey started off in a small little hut in a hilly area called Panathur in Kerala. But it went all the way to him becoming the Asst. Prof. of IIM, Ranchi.

He also conveyed that that his dreams, hard work, the guidance from his mentor, and his struggles of his parents led to this outcome.

This story has currently garnered 7.6k comments and 12k shares on FB.

The Finance minister of Kerala Dr. T M Thomas Isaac shared his post along with a caption in Malayalam link to this story.

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